Sunday, March 15, 2009

Guest post!

Okay, so mom's gone. This means that life alternates between several extremes:

"Mom's gone! PA-A-A-A-A-A-A-RTY!!"
"Mom's gone. Where the *!!$@ is the _______?"
"Mom's gone. The babies are crying and won't stop. What is going on? Oh yeah, they haven't eaten in six hours."

Anyhow, it's Sunday morning and life is pretty good. Lily had a cast party here last night and so we were forced to clean up the joint. And it's still mostly clean. In fact, we've made a little family goal to keep the place clean while mom's gone so that we never have to really do big chore sessions. We'll see how that goes.

I like Sunday mornings, especially this time of year, because I can sit on the porch a little--I know, I'm showing my age. The flowers are gorgeous and they smell great, and unlike Saturday it's the sabbath so I don't feel compelled to trim, fertilize them or whatever. I can just enjoy. So I took some pictures. Those of you who live in colder climes, envy us!!

And this Sunday morning has been particularly awesome because NO SUNDAY MEETINGS! It's not the second or fourth Sunday so I don't have PEC. It's not fast Sunday either (yeah, I know the scripture says that fasting = rejoicing but I'm not quite there yet). And although it's the third Sunday, I also don't have a speaking assignment today! Woo hoo! So what that means is a relaxing Sunday morning.

Other things you can do when mom's not home: eat leftover pizza for breakfast (and Girl Scout cookies too); and put the baby on the couch propped up with a bottle. And the kids are playing "war." Is that breaking the sabbath? Hope not 'cause we ain't quittin'. Which reminds me--how come people say you can play cards but not if there are face cards in the deck? Is that just Mormon legend?

We've had our first casualty of the non-Mom era. Micah broke the crock pot. Sorry about that, mom. It's pretty new, too. If that's the worst we do this week, we'll be doing pretty darn well.


  1. Your flowers are gorgeous!! I wish your green thumb could rub off on my husband. :)

  2. What a brilliant post! I laughed. I cried. This is what the blogosphere needs more of. Truly inspirational.

  3. How refreshing to have a fresh, inspiring voice to hear from. I hope this is not an isolated incident.

    Glad things are going well over there, hope Jenny posts from her trip, or if youget photos add 'em.

    I am signing in with my name instead of anonymous just for you, hope you feel special!

  4. The CROCK POT!! You didn't tell me that on the phone! Hope you got the roast out of it first!
    Heidi and I are going to try a post later tonight!
    Hope you're surviving Church

  5. Oh Brad, you slay me!! Your flowers are indeed gorgeous beyond description!!!! Good for you for being such a good Daddy/husband that Jenny CAN leave for a week and know that all will be ok, broken crockpots and all!!! Keep up the good work man, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!

  6. heehee

    I laughed and cried too...and was truly inspired. Especially about the flowers! They're gorgeous!!

    Not so moved by the broken crock pot though...


  7. Wow! You are an awesome dad! Do you give classes on how to keep up with everything and also grow such beautiful flowers??? We are going to drive by your house tonight so we can enjoy the flowers again. Keep up the good work.:)