Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Allies in the Fight

WARNING: This post is not for the weak of stomach.

Things went from bad to worse yesterday. Ben got a chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia. Nope. Let's just suffer through it. Micah got shots (I'll save that for tomorrow!), and Baby A awoke from his nap quite unhappy. So I sent Ben in to get him. I've never had a child remove their diaper. First time was a humdinger! I found him in his bed, with the floor and mattress covered with issues. Luckily Ben was home from school, so he threw the baby in the bath while I fumigated the crib, mattress, and floor. Oh, how I love my Spot-Bot! It makes me so happy. In times of trial, it's always there to help!

Easter Pageant rehearsal went interminably long last night, so by the time we got home and got everyone in bed, it was close to eleven, way past my bedtime! Brad's preparing for surgery tomorrow, so he wants to get some sleep in before he's suffering in recovery. Just as we'd turned off the lights, I heard a cry, then a gagging sound, and another weak cry. I jumped out of bed, and yep. You guessed it. This time, it was Hyrum, and he was throwing up all over. Luckily, it was all contained on his bed and his person, so I threw him in the bathtub while Brad stripped the bed and started the washer. Cleaned up in record time. And Micah and Baby A slept through the entire episode. Unluckily, he repeated that scene every half-hour for two hours. Then, we caught a little break, and he waited two hours before running into our room, hysterically crying and dry-heaving. Tide HE and Spot-Bot to the rescue again. And again. And again.

Exhausted after a night like that? Nope. Hyrum was up with the dawn--around 6:30 am. And what did Brad do? He got up with the kids, started breakfast, and got Lily off to school. All before I even moved my lazy self into a vertical position. (Granted, he was getting ready to go dirt-biking, but I know he would have done the same thing even if he wasn't walking out the door.)
I hope the contagion is running its course. The little boys seem to be a little better today--no vomit, and fewer diapers. Ben's improving. Hopefully it will all stop here, so that we can move on to Brad's surgery tomorrow. Here's hoping!
Epiphany #58--Fighting the flu isn't nearly so bad when you have warriors in your house!


  1. Hi! Found your blog through SITS.

    Sorry you had to endure such a long night with your sick kids... that's never fun. You have a really beautiful family and a wonderful outlook on life!

  2. I feel your pain-like every mother does! Nothing like that middle of the night heaving sound from tiny people who can't make it to the bathroom. I am so sorry! I didn't realize Ben was that sick, good thing you had a great week last week to prepare you for this week! Let me know if you need anything-ginger ale, saltines, you name it, I will be you willing gopher!

  3. Seriously with the barfing and the pooping! Enough already. Good thing you've got such valient warriors in the fight against all things bodily. Sorry to hear you're having to deal with this AND be up with paegent. UGH!
    Yes, I did get a cookie, thank you. And thank you for feeling my fartlick pain. You COULD laugh, just a little, I mean, come on, it's a funny name and you live iwht Brad, so I know you have SOME immaturity. hehehehhee Hi Brad, love you and stuff!

  4. So sorry to hear about your night time trials. I dread the night time. I know that these little ones will grow up but sometimes I wonder how many sleepless nights one has to go through! I hope that everone is on the mend.:)

  5. O.K. now bret and I have it. I have not been able to move around much today without feeling so sick to my stomach. If I was not a big kid baby A and I would have a lot in common. This is a sure way to tell Bret and I are never around little sick kids cause we are not around the sick germs. I hope things go well for Brad tomorrow. He will be drugged out and cranky so I think you get to be the one to sleep tonight.

  6. Sick kids are no fun, especially the vomiting ones. Here's hoping there is a speedy recovery. And I am so with you on the Tide, it is a life saver.

  7. Hey, who said you could put my pic on the blog? And Allyson you weirdo it's spelled FARTLEK. Sheesh. What's the matter with you people?

  8. I would leave a comment, but that might infect me and my house. Good luck.

  9. Get that family of yours drinking Welch's grape juice! Quick!! (If you start soon enough, it's preventative for those stomach bugs.) Makes the ph balance inhospitable for stomach viruses.

    Once they've started getting sick though, all bets are off.

    Hope Brad's surgery goes well! (Somehow I missed that he was having surgery...I need to go back and re-read...)


  10. ha ha ha ha ha - you have my simpathies but I also give my self to giggle with the been there done that. The twins loved to have poop fights. On many occasion I would find them a wake, naked, and poop everywhere. they were throwers. The only thing clean was their thumbs. Bret would bathe as I would bleach everything down. unfortunatly the cribs were spindly which made it very difficult. We would duct tape their diapers before bed.