Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Baby Takes Another Step towards Kindergarten

Micah got his kindergarten shots Tuesday. A landmark in a child’s life, for sure. Somewhere back in their subconscious they know they had shots as a baby, and that said shots hurt. But it’s been over half their life since they had this experience, so the details are murky.
He was so excited for this day, mainly because I told him that if he was brave, he could have either macaroni and cheese or McDonald’s for lunch. This shows you how mac and cheese ranks in his life!
He was a little chatterbox all the way to Dr. Green’s office. “Bad news and good news. Bad news I have to get shots. Good news I get mac and cheese or McDonald’s for lunch.” “Dr. Green is the best doctor in the whole world.” “I love the waiting room at Dr. Green’s office.” He bounded out of the suburban and into the office, smiling the whole way. Stopped and looked at the fish. Found Dory and Nemo. Then the nurse called his name. He bounced onto the scale—37 pounds and 43 inches tall.
Then she took his temperature, and asked him if he could count to fifteen. "I can count to 100. I did it on the way here, and I learned how from a book."

She was so cute with him, and he charmed her socks off, that's for sure!

Here he's waiting for Dr. G. And waiting and waiting. Maybe 5 minutes. But on such an exciting day, that's a lot to ask!
Dr. G was treated to a flash of Lightning McQueen BVDs and a chuckle as he examined Micah.
Then, it was time for the shots--four of them. Still not scared. Still smiling.
With the help of another nurse, they prepped him for the shots. Right before this picture was taken, I explained to him that being brave didn't mean that he couldn't cry. It just meant that he couldn't fight them. Up until that moment, I think he thought he wouldn't even cry, because he's so brave and all. Well, he was wrong. He was extremely brave, but he did cry. A lot. But they really hurt!
Remember how I told you he'd charmed the socks off the nurse? Well, she felt so bad for him getting four shots that she told him he could have four suckers when he left. That stopped the tears, and we were off to McD's, because, even though the lure of mac and cheese is great, who can resist a Happy Meal? I mean, come on!

Since Ben stayed home from school that day (chest x-ray; pneumonia ruled out, remember?), we didn't even have the two little boys. It was such a treat, even for me, to have one-on-one time with my Mikes.
All the way to McDonald's Micah was trying to guess what the fantastical toy in the Happy Meal would be. Would it be a transformer? An archer? Incredible Hulk? This was a big deal, because I'm one of those mean moms that doesn't always get the Happy Meal, because so much of the food is wasted. But today was an occasion to remember!
It was better than all of those combined--Black Spiderman. Who could have asked for a better reward?
Lori, Dr. G's nurse, asked Micah before we left the office if he was getting ice cream, too. That really hadn't been the deal, but who can tell a brave four-year-old no? Especially on a day like that!
Full speed ahead to kindergarten!
He's ready, but am I?


  1. How darling is my Micah! Wait until you get the pictures of him that I sent.

  2. I can't believe he is heading to kindergarten! He is such a hoot, I love that little guy. What a great set of photos you have to remember such a huge day in an almost 5 year old's life! Congrats Micah-on the black spiderman, and so sorry about the shots!

    How's the surgery patient doing?

  3. Hi! So nice to meet you!

    I am so impressed with your Micah. Isn't that just one of the best names ever! :-)

    Thanks for stopping by to check out my blog.

    Your family is SO beautiful. As your page loaded I said..out loud..alone in my hotel..WOW - gorgeous! :-)

  4. This was the cutest pot. Hows Brad the big patient?

  5. First off, NICE job photo documenting the whole ordeal, I'm so proud of you! Secondly, he's really so ridiculously cute it's painful. Thirdly, I had a DELIGHTFULL conversation with Micah just this evening all about the fact that he got his kindegarten shots. He asked me if I thought it best to get shots in the arm, the leg or the head. Apparently Heidi had it in the head as a baby, but she doesn't remember. Gotta love what those kids remember of conversations. Ok, so my point is, he's cute, hard to believe he'll be off to kindegarten. Seems like yesterday he was a brand new baby attending workshop.