Monday, April 6, 2009

Ben Wrestles, Lily Jane Turns Nine

Quite a crazy weekend here at the Sanatorium.
Ben had the City wrestling meet Saturday morning. Luckily, it was at our high school, so we could come back and forth.
He had a bye first round, and the second and third rounds he handily pinned his opponents.

The final championship round wasn't quite as great. The kid from Fremont had Ben's number in the first round, and he went down 6-0. If the second round had gone 5 seconds longer, Ben would have pinned him, but alas, it was not meant to be. He ended up losing 10-5 on points. But in his typical Ben optimistic fashion, he came out of the round and said, "If only the second round had gone just a little longer. I almost had him!" Second place and we were mighty proud!

We celebrated Lily's ninth birthday on Saturday as well. She was thrilled to get box after box of new clothes (little does she know that she really needed all of them and it was just an excuse for Mom to wrap them all up!). Ben said, "That would be my birthday nightmare!" I'll have to remember that later this month!

We had the whole family over Sunday afternoon for her choice of dinner--crepes. And of course a birthday cake!
The highlight of the weekend, of course, was General Conference. Although we missed the Saturday morning session because of wrestling, we did get to see the rest. And what a motivating, uplifting conference it was. I came away with the need to improve my temple attendance, be more service oriented, and have gratitude for all my blessings.
Elder Holland, always my favorite anyway, gave a masterful talk on the Atonement, one that will surely be added to the list of greats. I am so grateful for my Savior, and that we have general conference twice a year to feed our spirits and redirect us in the paths we should go.
Just a vaseful of Brad's flowers. Yep. Even the bird of paradise!


  1. Awesome job, Ben!
    Happy Birthday to Lily, glad she was able to get a new wardrobe. I look forward to viewing her newfound splendor! I really want you to give Ben boxes of underwear,socks and pjs--the perfect teenager birthday gifts! His expression and words would be priceless. Maybe you could round it out with clothes for Brad too! A new "post-surgery" wardrobe.

  2. Wow, that guy can grow some serious flowers!

    Have fun with the rest of the birthday action. That's always a good time...


  3. STOP!! I mean it! STOP!! How can your kids keep leaping ahead in years? Hy is 2 and Lil is 9 - Ben is soon to be 13!!! AAHHHH! I am amazed at how grown up Lily is - I dropped off Ben the other day and the first words out of her mouth to Ben was "pull up your pants" (yes, his unders were showing) and low and behold he automatically grabbed and hitched them up. I laughed. Lily rules the world and has for sometime.

    Happy Birthday Lily! I hope you get another sister.

  4. Good job Ben! Lily you are so cute, I just love you Happy Birthday!
    I agree with you on General Conference. I love how it gives us the motivation to do better! :)

  5. Those flowers are unbelievably beautiful!!

    Congrats to Ben!
    Happy B'day to Lily!

    I also LOVED Elder Holland's talk. It was amazing to me. Most definitely on my list of all-time favorites!

  6. he grew those? In your yard? Wow.