Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Give, Said the Little Stream

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I'm ready for my first-ever giveaway. I know I don't have the hordes of readers that warrant an all-out advertising campaign, but I do do do love you all. And since I will be incapacitated here very shortly, I thought you all needed a reward. And what could be better than one dozen of my homemade chocolate chip cookies? Not much on this earth, in case you've never had them.

Here's the deal.
I'm getting ready to go down in bed for an extended period of time. I've done it twice before, so the experience holds little new for me. But I would venture to guess many of you have not had this experience (excluding Cindy, Karen, Jacquie and Julie, for sure!). So. These are the questions:
#1--If you knew you were going to be down in bed for five weeks, beginning on Monday, April 13th, what would you do to prepare for such an occurrence?

#2--What would you hate the most about being in bed for five weeks?

#3--What would you love the most about being in bed for five weeks?

#4--What would you do in bed for 35 straight days and nights?

Points will be awarded for creativity, originality, humor, insight, inspiration, truth, and whatever else I think is of merit. Two bonus points will be given to anyone who is a declared follower of my blog. Right now, that only includes four of you. Five winners will be chosen Thursday morning, April 9th. Local winners will have the delectable morsels hand delivered, most likely by a Denton teenager. Those not withing driving distance can expect a FedEx box on Friday, to preserve their succulence as best as I can.

Now, get thinking, join my blog, and impress me with your creativity! Some great ideas I may have to take into consideration and try!
Good luck!


  1. Let's see, among the questions are:

    #3--What would you love the most about being in bed for five weeks?

    #4--What would you do in bed for 35 straight days and nights?

    Do I dare answer? No, I dare not.

  2. How did I khow your lascivious mind would be the first to respond?
    Can't we keep the rest of this above board?
    And you, more than anyone else, know what restrictions bedrest entails.
    Remember, my mom reads this blog!

  3. Hmmm... I didn't know it was a secret that Brad likes you. I've known it for some time and it is a good thing. Remember, I'm old and I know a FEW things.

    PS Save some cookies for me when we come down.

  4. Well, besides what Brad's thinking, I would definitely go to the library and check out many books.

    I'd also get my handweights so I could work out my arms, at least. Can you do arm exercises while on bedrest? I don't know.

    I would make sure I had a laptop so I could blog, surf, and other such time wasters.

    It would also be fun to let the little people watch tv in bed with you. I"m sure they love that. You can't really cook from bed, so I would say not having to make dinner would be a plus!

    Hang in there. Call lots of people when you get bored, and move your "bed" to a central location so you don't feel so ostracized from the family.

    You can also ask someone to record the lessons for you at church. I know we're doing that for a lady in our ward.

    And while I haven't "signed up", I am a follower.

  5. Before we get down to the nitty gritty of trying to win those awe inspiring cookies let me just say that I love your mom! She is so fun. Now, onto more serious things…
    #1-I would arrange to have my friend come over and watch Survivor with me every Friday, and Amazing Race every Monday. She could schlep the laundry back and forth for me, and we could fold and watch while we absorbed every silly second. I would stock my pantry and freezer. I would make a meal list and do whatever shopping I could. I would assign Heidi, Tucker, and Ben each a night to make dinner every week and go over it now with them to make sure they were clear on what that meant and how to do it. I would also have a stellar chore and reward system worked out (I know you are on top of that front). Hopefully this would make Brad’s life as an almost single parent easier (do I get points for kissing up to the spouse?). I would make sure my internet worked from my bed, the couch, and wherever else I might find myself spending long hours. I would hook myself up with digital books from phoenix digital library. I would volunteer to have Book club at my house every month. I would get out the summer clothes and make sure any and all shopping was covered. I would take Heidi’s dress to the seamstress to be altered. I would take my husband out early for his birthday (there’s those kiss up points again), and shop for Ben’s birthday. I would go to the temple. I would wish my mom could be there to help. I would talk to the Bishop about bringing the YW to my home for classes or activities a few times (do you need to check with him?-if not I’d arrange it).

    #2-Hate the most-hearing 3 little hooligan boys running around the house wreaking havoc and having to stay in bed and call them. Having my bedroom upstairs when so much of life happens downstairs. The sheer boredom would have to be the worst, and feeling absolutely incapacitated when you are usually on top of everything.

    #3—Quiet time. Time to read, time to cuddle, time to talk to each one of my sweet kids one on one. Sometimes we get so busy living we forget what makes it all worth it. Time to read all of the book clubs books. I’d have time to get on line and check out all the review and others thoughts.

    #4-Read, watch TV, read, quilt and sew, read, surf the internet, read, work on all kinds of computer projects, do family history-both at the new.familysearch.org site and on the extraction site-that is really cool, you can do extraction work anytime, if you are interested I’d help you get set up on it if you need. Keep reminding myself why I am in bed, and that while it’s a huge bore it will all be worth it in 214 days.

  6. Holy cow! I should extra points for how long mine is. Sorry about the novel...

  7. Am I excluded from the contest?? I think I deserve cookies anyway!! haha jk no really that pic looks so delicious...they can't be a pic of your actual cookies could they!? Only 5 weeks? I thought it was the whole pregnancy! well as soon as my dr. lets my bum get up I can bring your family dinner. I do feel special you wrote my name in your blog :)

    what would I love most about being in bed?? getting to read Jenny's blog of course, having delicious meals brought to me and my hubby, spending loads of time with my madra...hmmm...learning how to knit wash clothes from my grandma.

    Things I hate: honestly not being able to go to Sacrament, not being able to do everything I want to do on my own for myself (I have learned I am a very independent person; but it is also nice to be taken care of.) seeing the same commercials over and over and over again.

    I have decided for all those who go down on bed rest deserve a survival kit basket with many things to keep busy with!! I might just have to bring you one if i get up in time! :)

  8. oh and another thing I hate about bed rest is worrying about by baby boy!

  9. Thanks for some good Ideas Jamie whoever you are!

  10. First of all I never had the time to prepare but if I could have I would organize a chore chart for my kids. Take someone who will do the grocery shopping with you so they know your choices like brands of things you prefer. I would make an area to lay down in your downstairs so if you feel the desire you can be in the middle of all the action.
    Things I would love about being down is I could read books without the guilt of not getting things around the house done. I would blog blog blog. I would crochet, and knit, you can't really sew much in bed. It's never too early to make christmas gifts. Scarves, wash cloths, baby blankets, head bands Needle point is fun too.
    What I would hate is being waited on and not being able to do for myself. Watching people do things around my house and it not being the way I want it done. Don't get me wrong I am grateful for the help but you can tend to be more irritable when your down.
    Being in bed for 35 days to be honest will get old. I love to sleep and have my kids lay in bed and tell me about their days. Helping with homework. You might want to start a journal just for your baby about your feelings about this experience from day to day and find something positive to write down each day. Some days might be hard but try to find a reason to be grateful every day. Keep up on thank you notes.

  11. Wow - such great advice! Really what makes the time go and keeps you entertained is the massive amounts of drugs (it worked for me.) but alas you cannot follow my example (not too much memory of that time either!) So here is my list:

    #1 - Put Lily in charge - she knows exactly how everything should be anyways and can boss the heck out of her brothers.

    #2 - Hate part would be the loneliness - It is hard to hear dinner, homework, etc and not be able to help, yell, or compliment.

    #3 - Books - for me trashy romance, especially since that is curtailed due to taking it easy (sorry Brad) and Stephen King books - I know give the kid nightmares but.... Then on to Harry Potter, feeling like time to read all 7. Then on to some netflix if I can remember the movies I thought I wanted to see. Surf and Blog, Surf and Blog.

    #4 - Can't remember.

    Call me and I will entertain, shop, ride herd on little boys and fix the prom dress.

    Oh and wear the ugly nightgowns my friend made me.

  12. 1. What would I do to prepare? First, I would get a haircut, some cute lounging clothes to keep my spirits up, a yummy smelling lotion, and slippers that don't require bending to put on. Then I'd make sure my bed or wherever I was going to hang out was centrally located, with cell phone/charger, computer/charger, tv/dvr, and cd player within arm's reach. I would also get myself a fancy crystal goblet to drink out of just to cheer me up, and a really cute mug. (I already have both of these, but if not, I think it's important to pamper yourself a bit.) I'd also want to make sure I had a pillow for under my knees and a good, tempurpedic-type backrest. I would go to the library and get tons of books (after calling all my friends for recommendations), order my favorite movies, and print a bunch of the conference talks off so I could mark them up. (I would need a bright yellow highlighter to accomplish this to my satisfaction.) I'd also want my scriptures nearby, of course, and some really cute pictures of my family. And don't forget a vase for the amazing flowers from Brad's garden. Oh, and a fairly loud bell to ring, ring, ring, whenever you need assistance. Crossword puzzles, definitely, and soduku (sp?) (not my thing, but if you like it) might be good. A great bookmark always helps, and I would burn some CD's to suit my every mood. I'd also have notepads, a new journal, and a couple of pens that really glide (my fave), to say nothing of sheets with a high thread count and a soft, sensuous throw...maybe even a silky bed jacket! (Don't forget the aforementioned bedrest restrictions, Brad.)

    Okay, once I had the stage set for my halcyon days of enforced leisure, I would tell my VT and all my friends that I needed visitors and meals and maybe even the YW for company. (A schedule would be good!) I'd also arrange for the sacrament to be brought in by the priests, go to the temple, delegate all my church responsibilities, and make some scripture study and spiritual improvement goals. Then I'd persuade my sisters to visit me, one at a time...with sleepovers. I'd deep clean (or in your situation, maybe hire someone), freeze some casseroles, get a huge grocery shopping done (if that's not already too much for you), and get some kind of baby name contest going. I'd also go out to dinner, lunch, movies, the mall, and anywhere else I could think of until I was dying to spend a few minutes (or weeks) at home.

    I'll bet you're afraid, now that I'm about to tackle question #2. Is there a limit to blog commenting space? I surely hope not, because I need those cookies. Badly. (I AM a follower of your blog, right? Even though you don't show it on your page??) Get back to me on that... =)

    Okay, what I would NOT like about being in bed: Almost everything. (By the way, I was in bed for the last five weeks of my third pregnancy, so I feel your pain.) What I did not like was the lack of immediate gratification. I had to wait for others to be my hands/legs. I couldn't set things right when I wanted to...couldn't pick things up when they needed picking up, etc. Also, I started wanting to be able to clean and cook and do all of the things I was not so very fond of as a rule. And I got sick of being waited on.

    What did I LIKE about being in bed? Not much. But I will grudgingly say that it gave me an opportunity to "Be still." At that stage of my life, being still was in short supply. I also liked reading all those books without feeling guilty, and I was touched by the love, support, and visits I got from friends. I also enjoyed seeing my husband do everything so good naturedly when he got home from work, but I started feeling sorry for him after a week or so, which sort of ruined it.

    What would I do if I had to stay in bed today? Probably write a book. Or start some creative project. Definitely blog like crazy. (Once, when my friend was in bed for a prolonged period, we planned an entire multi-stake youth conference. We even wrote songs!)

    What I did all those years ago, when sentenced to bedrest, was talk with friends/family in person and on the phone, pray and plan and solve all the world's problems, watch old movies and read carefully selected books, write uplifting/tortured poems (depending on the moment), and keep a journal. I also made some wonderful memories with my kids. Best of all (of course), in the end I was blessed with a healthy baby, the same blessing I am wishing for you.


    PS. Beware of catalogues and internet shopping, as these can be hazardous to the bedridden.

  13. PPS. Are there extra points for lengthy comments?

    (What's that you said?)


    Well, I never...


  14. Oh, my goodness...If I only had time enough to write what I would do....I would surely win the cookies. In my single condition I am sure it wouldn't include any of the exciting things Brad was imagining, but I think I would really enjoy a few days/weeks/months of doing absolutely nothing...after I dealt with all the raised eyebrows over the fact that I am in the "condition" that requires my stay in bed. However, my home would be an absolute shambles in a very short time...for truly in my home, without me, the world actually does stop turning. I guess I'll just not...

    P.S...If you happen to give the prize to Paige...I can deliver at the end of the month... :)

  15. I'd try to be creative, but really, I'd rather be truthful on this one. I am a big reader, and I would totally stock up on lighter reading for such an occassion, maybe try a series of something or other. Or maybe I'd get serious about writing my novel...hmmm.

  16. All I know is that I would go completely crazy after enjoying being waited on for the first 3 or 4 days. After that, I think that I would lose it all! THe things that a dedicated mother will do for her sweet children. I love you Jen!

  17. First of all, I don't want the cookies, so don't even try to give them to me for my whit and brilliance. I mean, I have enough other temptations that keep my hips this lucious, so no cookies for me. SECONDLY, I'm so overwhelmed by all the ideas, wisdom and offerings of your other fans (and only slightly jealous that you're up to 16 comments) that I hardly feel like I could offer anything else. However, you know me, so I'll go ahead and just answer ever so briefly your questions.

    #1: I would clean the crap out of my house. I mean scrub, scrub, scrub. I would make MANY lists on how to, what to do, etc. I would shop like there is no tomorrow to make sure that all the bases were covered. This is of course because I have Jere and not Brad as my faithful partner and assistant. I'd stock up on books and other acoutreman to keep me occupied.

    #2: I would hate everything about being in bed for 35 days. Honestly, my butt and back are sore after an hour in bed, what makes you think I could last 35 days? I would be so bored and I'm sure I'd be going CRAZY with irritation that my house was not being cleaned like I do it, or that things weren't put away like I do it, or that my kids were not being taken care of like I DO it. Ummm, i guess you could say I might have a skosh of a control problem.

    #3: I would like the fact that I could actually get some sleep/rest. I would enjoy actually finally reading again, and knowing that it's ok that I can't get up and clean up the kids and their messes. I would Blog myself silly and love every minute of that.

    #4: I forgot the question. Sorry.

    When all is said and done, this is super sucky, yet so worth it in the end. I really mean it, I'll bring the kids and we'll hang out and play with you, or your family. I'll even come and make dinner for the fam. i sorta like that kind of thing. You just let me know.

    Finally, in an unrelated note. I'm super sorry if I've forever damaged Tuckers pure innocence, or traumatized him for life over our conversation the other day. Wow! That is one fabulously innocent kid. It was an accident, I promise.

  18. Hi, Jen! I found your blog because I think you may have used my husband's chocolate chip cookie photo from my blog for this post. I absolutely don't mind you using it, I would just please ask that you give my husband credit for his photo, or just include a link to the original post featuring it. Thank you, and good luck with Baby Denton!

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