Thursday, April 9, 2009


I am completely overwhelmed by your responses. Thank you thank you thank you.
I laughed. I cried. I pondered. I contemplated. I evaluated. And I had a very difficult time choosing. After Allyson graciously redrew her entry, things got a little easier.

Here are the results!

Email me, Sue. Otherwise, I think I can track the rest of you down.

Epiphany #63--Great advice from friends is a spoonful of sugar.
I have my last free day today. And I'm going to consider all your ideas and try to prepare the best I can today.
If you have any great book suggestions, I'd love them.

On another note, it wasn't even sad to see Scott leave American Idol last night. I would have been bugged if the judges had used their save on him. I respect him. I like him ok. And I love his piano. Just not the right competiton for a pianist, I'm afraid. And thanks, Sue, again, for the clip of Adam. I sent a few people over to your blog just to see him. And wow. I don't have the words to explain his talent. Is it even possible for anyone else this season?
And Allyson, Tucker said he still loves you to pieces, and he'd rather know the truth than stay in the dark. I don't know how true that is, but he realized you're probably right about his choir. Let's leave it at that, shall we?

And, as always,


  1. Thanks I feel like I just lost American Idol!! haha :(

  2. Hurray! Cookies, cookies, cookies!!

    And I agree with you about Scott. If they had saved him, I would have been very annoyed.


    PS. I just sent my address to the email you used when you sent me yours.

  3. Yea!!! I love cookies!!! Thanks!! Sure going to miss seeing you at Women's Conference this year... It seems to be the only time I see you... Though you'll have plenty of time to watch it on TV I bet.

  4. Hey, I was sick and/or busy this week so I didn't get to compete. However, you have lots of good friends with lots of good advice. Personally, I would just give up now. No reason to clean, etc. because it is going to fall apart anyway. At least it would at my house :). I don't know how you do it with every pregnancy but you seem to be in good company. Chandler is vouching for your chocolate chip cookies, can we have the recipe?

  5. Actually, I was worried about your overdoing making all these cookies! Feel free to just send me some cyber ones instead, in the form of your usual yummy posts and comments!


    PS. I mean this, most sincerely!!! You are officially off the hook.