Friday, April 10, 2009


Another episode of ZINGERS! Just a few tidbits into the life at the sanatorium.

I had to laugh about the results of the poll. I HATE those floating babies. They are, in the words of Heidi, "so creepy." So, I'm glad to see you mostly agree. Buh-bye baby.

Is it good or bad that your husband tells you, at 9 and a half weeks into an interminable pregnancy that he "can't tell you're pregnant from the back." When I questioned this, he said, "well, you've got a pooch." When your body's done this seven times before, it remembers and loves the stretched out shape. Sigh.

I made the prizewinning cookies today. Boxed up the two that needed to be sent and appropriately wrapped the other three. But when I went to the mail room, all the shipments for today had left, unless I wanted to pay $90 each to send them. Now Paige and Sue, you know I love you. And you've heard of the marvelousness of my cookies. Still. They're not worth $90 a dozen. So I came home, opened the boxes and dished them to my kids. I'll make another batch on Monday and send them before 3 pm. Sorry.

Lily had her party today. Invalid mom equals easy for mom party. Bounce U to the rescue. They did it all. Entertained. Pizza'ed. Soda'ed. Caked. And best of all, cleaned. Woo Hoo! Pictures later.

Yesterday I really tried to do it all. Ran errands. Took time at IHOP for stuffed french toast with strawberries (never reveal food to a pregnant lady, Natalie. It stimulates cravings!). Did Art Masterpiece in 3rd grade. I even attended the pageant performance. Today--I paid for it. I'm still doing really well, but I can tell the end is near. Tomorrow will be spent organizing my sanctuary (using many of your helpful suggestions!) and writing my Easter YW lesson and going to the final pageant performance. Sunday will be my farewell address, then . . . on to bed.

Just read an amazing book

It was one that I just couldn't put down. Warning: it is slightly depressing. After all, it is about the Holocaust. But I highly recommend it. Her writing style is excellent, although the ending is a little cheesy. And her descriptions of tense situations put you right there in the middle. Made me want to read up again on Vichy France. It's been a while. . .

Love to all!


  1. Oh Sis. Denton i just realized your not going to be seeing us at church anymore and you cant come to camp :( so sad! i will maybe come and visit...or maybe you dont want people in your house. Have fun in bed! watch lots of TV.
    love aly- (i am currently in the process of setting up my moms blog which is why its in her name)

  2. I'm really serious that i don't like the idea of you being on your feet making those cookies at this point...How about a rain check? Sometime after the delivery when your life is a little less hectic.

    I would be very cool with that.


    PS. I'm glad your kids were the beneficiaries of my cookie feast! heehee

  3. The cookies were really good, I shared with Ken (yes, I am a great wife). Thanks again for the cookies - I will have Ken bake you some....are you still cutting out sugar? Even in bed?


  4. What? No cookies? I'm ok with that. I have another friend who is 9 weeks along, so it will be fun to follow both of you. Good luck, baby and Mommy.

  5. Just wanted you to know at our house you are the now known as the "octamom" - but in a good way!!

    Thank Ken and Brenn for coming up with that one.

  6. YUMMY!!! Those were fantastic cookies!!! Thank you sooo much!!