Friday, April 24, 2009


The best reasons to invite your mom and sister for a few days:

1. 42 pints of strawberry freezer jam, all single-handedly made by my wonderful and beautiful sister.
2. Fabulous meals created by above-mentioned sister. We're talkin' food network, people! No Little Ceasar's this week!
3. Watching Grandma play with her littlest grandboys.
4. Lime slush.
5. Completing sewing projects--mending, tailoring, shopping for trek fabric.
6. Playing games when time allows.
7. Knowing that they are here to make me stay down, not judge me for being lazy.
8. No time to read or feel sorry for myself or pine away for freedom.

They've left their families and issues and callings and responsibilities just for me. And I can never thank them enough!
Epiphany #69--Families are the best!


  1. Hooray for family so willing to take care of eachother. I'm SO glad that you have them for a few days, not only to help, but to brighten your long days as well. Hopefully, between them and your other sisters visit, it'll be enough to fill your reserves for a few more weeks. And by the way, I feel SO cool to be the number 1 commentor. Woohoo!

  2. I fully agree. Families ARE the best. And it sounds like YOUR family is *among* the best!

    It makes me happy to think of you having them there...


  3. We made a Hale PTO Blog for the Fun Run and Carnival and posted photos from the Fun Run yesterday, there are a couple of your cute girls. Here is the site:

  4. Families are the best! Heard you're workiking on number eight too (my number 8 came in February)
    Your family is beautiful!