Monday, April 27, 2009

Ben's Thirteen and Prom 2009

With my mom and sis here for a few days, my blogging duties took a necessary back seat. This is what I did most of the time they were here:

Jealous? Don't be. But, on the positive side, at least I was dressed in this shot, and when I'm down like this, my tummy still looks flat!
Ben turned thirteen on Friday. Woohoo! Thanks to Karen for all the birthday shopping, and nothing even had to be returned!
Birthday kiss from Grandma T!

Other big news of the weekend: prom.
Crazy shot of Tucker's group:

Civilized shot of Tucker's group: Dinner at Coles, and it was gorgeous. Great job, Karen!

Although Brad was official photog of the night, there were few acceptable pics of T and Markie. I'm afraid he is a little self-conscious when a camera appears. But wow. Was he handsome! And such a beautiful kind girl. Amazing that I didn't have the fabric with me when I picked out the vest and tie, huh?

Now for Heidi and Hunter. Love having younger siblings around for the ritual flower pinning!a>
I really don't have any good shots of Heidi's dress, as per request, Jamie. Sorry. And this was the best shot we got of the back, which was so detailed. Isn't she beautiful? I can't help but think I'm biased, but really! And Hunter looked awesome, first time in a tux, I think.
The best part of the whole night for the mom was when they came home, both around their curfews (T had an issue with dropping girls off, but he was only ten minutes late, and when you're the driver, sometimes that's to be expected), and both were brimming with excitement. They had a blast, and I can't think of anything I'd rather see than my kids so happy!

On another note, I'm off to Dr. H to convince him that I'm ready for my surgery. He'll probably want to wait a week, but come on! A week? I can't stand it!


  1. They are beautiful kids! Just curious, how much does a prom dress such as that one set you back?

  2. First of all, while I TOTALLY understand not blogging while having the joy of mom and sister visiting, I MISSED your daily updates. Secondly, Heidis dress (what I could see of it) was GORGEOUS!!!!! And so was she, but that goes without saying. Thirdly, nice job picking out the vest and tie, perfection for sure! I'm glad the kids had a great time at their Proms, AND that Ben ahd a good birthday, but MOSTLY I'm glad you had a wonderful time with your Mom and Sis. Good luck convincing the doctor!!

  3. You have such good looking and nice kids! I am glad that they had fun. I can't believe that Ben is 13!

  4. I cannot believe Ben is 13! You know we will blink and he and Lo will be the ones going to Prom.

    Heidi looks so pretty!

  5. Wow, neat pics...AND good-looking kids! I agree that there's nothing more fun than having teenagers come home from a big event thrilled (and willing to share). You can almost feed on that energy.


    PS. You look great, too. Don't push that doctor (or your body) too hard, okay? And take care of yourself!

  6. And Heidi’s dress–we totally lucked out on that. We found it in a dress shop in the garment district when we were in NYC. Originally it was $600, but since most girls don’t wear anything like that anymore (more slinky and sexy), it was the last one of its kind and marked way down. When I found out it was the only one left, I knew it would need sizeable alterations (from an 8 to a 4 for starters), so I talked them down even more. I ended up paying $112, then add $115 for alterations (which was a bit more than I thought). So about $225, and she had a one-of-a-kind. All her other dresses have been way cheaper–$98, $12(Nordstrom’s Last Chance special), $30, and borrowed from a friend. So I didn’t feel too bad paying that for it, averaged out with all the others. It’ll be here before you know it!

  7. So beautiful (both Heidi and Tucker). Her dress is such a one of a kind, what a special night. Glad to hear it was fun for all, thanks for sharing the photos, love to live vicariously through your blog.

  8. Forgot to ask what Ben wanted for his b-day, we know it wasn't clothes!