Saturday, May 2, 2009

All Was Well

Ok. Maybe it's not as monumental as finishing a marathon. Maybe it's not as enlightening as finishing the Book of Mormon. Maybe it's not as emotional as finishing high school.


4100 pages

7 books

3 weeks

2 family visits


I just finished all seven Harry Potter books.
Never would have done it without Karen's suggestion. Never would have thought of it, actually. But I did it.
And in the process, I learned a few things.
#1--I enjoy a plot-driven book. Something motivating me to turn every page.
#2--J. K. Rowling may not go down in history as one of history's best writers. But she is very good at what she does. I was impressed this time, because of the short time-frame in which I read all the stories, by how completely she understands this world she created. And what a creative world. From realistic limitations on what magic can do to moving portraits that can communicate to floo powder (missed the joke with chimney flues the first time!) to magical laws to looking at modern society through a wizard's eyes (outlets and cars), she has a creative gift that has been rarely equalled. Like Tollkien and Lewis, her world can stand on its own.
#3--The flow of one story through the next to the end is pretty seamless. I don't know how much of the end she had plotted from the beginning, but it all worked together like she'd written them in one sitting.
#4--There are some great moral lessons contained in these stories. Power of friendship. Families. Good always fighting against evil. Temptation. Growing up. Perception of reality from different perspectives. The best of all, I thought, was following through to the bitter end, no matter how overwhelming or horrible it may be. I would like to think I'd be like Harry going to my death, but in reality I'd probably be a little more like Draco, cowering in the corner.
#5--Kids never really know what their parents were like as kids. I found it fascinating this time how Harry idolized his parents, even though he'd never known them. And how surprised and disappointed he was that they had faults. It makes me wonder a little what I don't know about my parents and what my kids must think of me (no idolizing there, I'm afraid!).
#6--I read too fast. There was information in those books that I SWEAR wasn't there last time I read. This time through, the whole horcrux thing actually made sense. Harry's decision to pursue the horcruxes instead of the hallows made sense. The blood bond created between Harry and Petunia made sense. Since I wasn't distracted by "What happens next?" I could take time to process what was being said.
#7--I wish I was magic.

Two more weeks in bed.
Next goal--catch up on my kids' journals.
Thanks, Karen!


  1. I am impressed!!! I haven't read a novel...except to my kids in a very long time. I'm not sure I would publish the fact that you are going to read your kids journals though.

  2. Write in my kids' journals.
    Not read them!

  3. Why only two more weeks? then you get up?

  4. I bet I should read Harry Potter again. I hurried through it the first time borrowing other people's books and hurrying to return them.

    Thanks to Robin, who gave me a needed chuckle this morning about your kids journals. (I have to agree that writing in them will be a little better received...)


    PS. Hope your two weeks will go by in a hurry!

  5. I wish I was Magic too!

    I have to admit I love Harry Potter. I am amazed at people who can tell a story that can keep me entertained and my mind engaged at the same time.

    Good luck with the journals.

  6. Dare I admit that I have only read the first Harry Potter book? I really enjoyed it, so maybe I should read the rest. Let's make a deal, you watch Steel Magnolias, and I'll read Harry Potter! :)

  7. My daughter LOVES HP books. We were the crazy ones waiting in line hours before midnight to get one of the "first" copies. I laugh looking back now. Funniest part, I haven't read a single one. However, I think you may have just motivated me to read them. Anything where Good triumphs Evil is worth it!