Wednesday, May 20, 2009

And the Verdict Is . . .

I know that all you could think about all day was the result of my ultrasound, right?
You and me both.
But . . . hate to disappoint, but the dr. won't do one until the second week of June. That sounds like forever, doesn't it? I was quite disappointed. Except he did say that everything else is stellar. And I am still measuring a week small. "We could ultrasound to see if Baby is small . . ." said I. No. We'll wait till eighteen weeks. That would be so much better. Because then you could move me back to seventeen weeks, and I'd be so much nicer about it then, right?
So much for the good news. I'll keep the poll on the post, just to remind y'all. And me.


  1. Awwwwww,man! What a bummer, I'm sure I'm not nearly as bummed as you are. Here's hoping the next few weeks fly by!

  2. Now we get to enjoy the suspense!


  3. Bummer! It will be fun to hear the news whenever you find out!

  4. Shoot, that stinks! But, it will be so great when we find out!!!

  5. I did wonder if it wasn't too early to find such things out. Ok fine, we'll hang on, anxiously biting our nails for the REAL verdict. I didin't get to take the poll, but I totally vote for girl!

  6. I'm sure you'd take "Everything else is steller" over finding the gender of a baby anyday! Patience is a virtue (so my mom says, I'm still trying to learn this).

    Hopefully baby will be cooperative and show him/herself in two weeks! Good luck!