Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Finale

That was kind of a let-down, wasn't it? Adam and Kris had great opening songs, but it all went downhill from there. Why do they insist on some producer/exec picking a song? Haven't they gotten this far by picking their own songs?
And, admittedly, I got kind of happy when I heard a professional writer had written the "tribute" song. But Kara DioGuardi really let me down. That song SUCKED! It did sound a little better from Kris, but really? She wrote that thinking Adam was going to sing it? Come on. Randy and Simon tried to be kind, but it was bad--"hurricanes and mountains."
So, what do you think? I thought Kris was way better tonight. It was almost like Adam was trying to not be so much himself, but to appeal to the Danny Gokey fans. No uncontrolled shrieking. No glam. It was weird. Kris, on the other hand, never seemed to change who he was for anything. He got progressively better every week, unlike Danny. The middle song, although Randy said it was too small for the venue, I thought it was a true Kris Allen song.
My final word:

Go Kris Allen!
But I think Adam will pull it off.


  1. Totally agree. I predicted Kris as the winner from the beginning so I hope he pulls it off.

  2. That's funny, Jen. You think Adam will win, and I think Kris will. (Does this prove that neither of us is an optimist?) Or maybe we just like to prepare ourselves for disappointment...

    One thing we can totally agree on is that the song "No Boundaries" was awful. And that the "producer's choice" songs should be banned forever!

    Do you also agree with me that the show is doomed if Simon Cowell leaves?


  3. Yes. The show is nothing without Simon. Now, the dynamic between Simon and Kara I could totally do without.

  4. I love your blog! And I was also very disappointed with all of the songs last night. But we're pulling for Adam, though I really think Kris is going to win!

  5. I say either way, it's all good. That closing song was THE WORST EVER! I agree Kris was better on it. LOVE Adam, but even if he doesn't win, he's still gonna have a big career.

  6. Adam needs to go back to where he came from--