Monday, May 18, 2009

Seventeen on the 17th

My baby boy Tucker turned seventeen yesterday. Not the most exciting day of his life, so far. Mom even forgot to buy ice cream, and since it was Sunday . . . But he did get a new camera for his Chorale trip to Austria next month, so I didn't totally strike out!
Tucker is quite a kid, and I love him so. He has found things and people he loves, and one of his greatest qualities is his ability to love fiercely and loyally. If Tuck is your friend, you've got a friend for life, barring any illicit, immoral, or illegal activities. We found out this morning that he will be playing Jimmy Smith in Thoroughly Modern Millie. Kinda goofy, a little singing, and a lot of dancing--right up his alley!

So, for the big news.
For the first time, and much to the chagrin of our two oldest children, we are going to find out the gender of the baby. Don't know why I feel so differently this time, but . . . I have a doctor's appointment on Wednesday, and I think he'll probably ultrasound then. I can feel it wiggling the last two days, so I know I'm not just expanding from all the sugar (some is that, some is definitely not!). So take the poll! Cast your vote, then leave a comment explaining your flavor choice--Cotton Candy Gummy Bear or Blue Raspberry!


  1. It needs to be a girl!! I want to play with a girl!! Well I wouldn't throw the boys away either. I am glad you are going to find out - I am always stunned and amazed you can wait it out until the end.

  2. And Happy Seventeen to Tucker!! 3 more days and he will be a SENIOR!!

  3. I know what you mean about Tucker and being his friend for life. It took me a while to convince him, but I think we now have a special relationship. I can't wait to hear about his new play.

    Really? You are going to let us know the baby's sex? I can't wait! Of course, you know why I voted for pink - twice as many grandsons as granddaughters. But every one of the boys have something extra special and another one would be just the same. However, it will be nearly nine years since we had a granddaughter by the time this one arrives...

  4. Oh, a little girl would be awfully fun...though I have three boys and wouldn't have minded a fourth at all!

    We also found out the sex for our last child. We couldn't come up with names we liked in either sex, so we decided to at least narrow the arguing down to male or female. We ended up picking Todd's name out of a baby book while eating at Marie Callendar's just before I went into labor.

    Good times!


    PS. Happy birthday to your boy...Tucker was on the 17th and Todd is on the 18th. And Todd, by the way is 27! So ten years separate them.

  5. Happy Birthday to Tucker!!

    And, I vote Cotton Candy. Don't really know why exactly, but that's my vote. Thanks for letting us in on the big news!! That makes me happy. :)

  6. I vote Cotton Candy, it would balance the scales in your family, and it would be fun! Besides, Janette is having a boy and you are always opposite of what everyone is having, right?

  7. Cotton Candy of coursse.... baby Kaden will need a Denton chic to flirt with

  8. Why, don't they want to know?

  9. I feel like a shmo for missing his birthday. I'll be sure to tell him tomorrow a happy belated! Love that kid, he's a keeper.
    HOORAY for finding out the sex!!