Friday, May 29, 2009

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

If you missed my entry yesterday, then this statement won't mean much to you:
I decided to let the golden opportunity . . . er . . . pass. Ahem. Let's leave it at that.

Why have I been MIA lately? Here's a few of the reasons:
Preschool graduation.
Micah loved preschool and Mrs. McC. He read an astonishing 120 books last year, and the most surprising part was that that wasn't the most! One little girl in the other class read 153.
Mrs. McC. does a Mother's Day program and a graduation program less than two weeks apart, and at both programs, she does these silhouettes of the kids. Made me cry (but, remember, so do french fries), those little sheets of black paper. Most amazing? She did five of each of the forty kids. Where does she find the time?
Mr. Graduate. He was pretty proud. He already mentions missing preschool. It's going to be a long summer.
Tucker's seventeenth birthday party. I think there were twenty kids there. Just so you don't think his friends dress improperly, you need to know they were all in the pool about five minutes before this picture. Good kids. Good times. Now they're all seniors. I don't know if I'm ready to do this again so soon.
Heidi is the kindest big sis anyone would ever want to have. Lily and Micah love to sleep in her room with her, and she almost always says yes. What could be better than M&Ms, popcorn, and Pride and Prejudice? Not too much.
The real activities that have kept me from the blogosphere? Graduation gifts. I'm not much of a scrapbooker, but I did make these books for each of our laurels that graduated. (That's only three, but it still took a TON of time.) Since all three girls have lived in the ward since they were in Primary, I contacted all their old YW leaders, had them write letters to each of the girls, then I compiled them into books, including a few pictures. Reading those letters made me cry (even not pregnant I would have succumbed to this one)--seeing that all of these women recognize what truly special women they have become.

An example of the pages. I know I'm not ready for the Tip Junkie yet, but I don't aspire that high, anyway.This last project was a true labor of love that's been eighteen years in the making. I saved scraps from everything I ever made Heidi--Christmas pjs, dresses, costumes, dress alterations, curtains, her baby quilt. It's not the most beautiful quilt ever made, but it is full of memories of her life, times I'll never forget (here comes the crying again!). What truly made it worth all the work was seeing her face when she opened it. I was surprised how many scraps she remembered wearing or using. She took time to remember most of them.

Maybe it will keep her safe and happy when she's in Idaho.
What's really kept me busy is all the tears I keep finding. Where are they coming from? I don't remember being this emotional with any of my other pregnancies!


  1. The quilt turned out so well! Good job. I bet Heidi will treasure it. As to all the tears...hello...who wouldn't be crying all the time with all the changes and life milestones your family is having right now? Just journal it all and enjoy it, tears and all. Although you might want to journal it when the waterworks take a break, it might run the ink. How's life without the biggest kids? (I'm including Brad in that)

  2. Aw, geez. I'm not pregnant, but only two years behind you with a kid likely to leave the nest and you've made me misty, too.

  3. Geez, I've found a few tears myself with this one...I am so touched by both the quilt for your daughter and the beautiful books you've made for the YW. No kidding. I'm drizzling right down my cheeks over here...

    I am also working on a project for our graduating seniors. Poems for each one...ten in all, and I'm only halfway through. Plus, she needs them tonight. Added to the pressure is the fact that Dave and I have dinner plans in SF at 7:30 PM.

    By the way, looks like a fine bunch of friends your new senior has. What fun those days were. Savor each one! (I know you will.)


    PS. Oh, and THANKS for putting my button on your blog! Now...Where's YOUR button?

  4. I don't know about that! That album is pretty darn cute. I just might have to show off those darling graduation favors. ;)

  5. Fun times at your house. The quilt looks gorgeous! You are so multi-talented.

  6. The part that makes me tear up is I remember alot of that fabric! I have always liked my oldest two being so close in age, but not now that Brenn is graduated and now Dallin is a Senior - that last year flew by!!

    PS: Chicken!

  7. That's because you have your first baby going out while another is coming in. I am sure that's got to be playing havoc on your emotions. I love the quilt...what a great idea.

  8. "I decided to let the golden opportunity . . . er . . . pass. Ahem. Let's leave it at that."

    Did you just add that line? If not, I can't believe I missed it! You just cracked me up, big-time! I especially loved the careful colorizing of your words.

    You are hilarious. And I loved it.


  9. Shoot, I'm all teary just thinking about that quilt and the vast amount of time, planning and love that went into it. What a beautiful gift for Heidi! Also, your little books you made for the seniors were beautiful, fantastic, amazing! Seriously, I was completely impressed by them, and agian, by the amount of time and effort put into them. The silhouettes Micahs teacher made? Are you kidding me? Who does that? They're amazing too! I think you have fabulous excuses for not being your usual verbose self. Even with all that you've managed to post! Thanks for the update.