Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothering Day--Epiphany #73

This is what I got for Mother's Day.
This and the kitchen's second-biggest bowl full of fruit salad. To share, of course.
What more could I want?
I spent much of the day yesterday reflecting on being a mother, and, taking a hint from my friend Sue, I reflected on the great gift that my children are to me.
December 3, 1990--Heidi entered the world after an emergency C-section, 1 lb. 12 oz. And I learned how hard motherhood would be--unpredictable, uncontrollable, undefinable. But overwhelming with the amount of love I could feel for another human being.
May 17, 1992--After three hours of stubbornly refusing to turn from a sunny-side up presentation, Tucker Christian joined our family at 8 lb. 1 oz. And I learned the joy that comes from having a son love you.
April 24, 1996--We waited, not too patiently, almost two years for Benjamin Andrew (7 lb. 2 oz.) to come to earth. And when he finally got here, I learned to move from man-to-man to zone defense. And I learned about the individuality of our spirits.
April 4, 2000--Another impatient wait and Lily Jane came (6 lb. 14 oz.). And I learned, for the first time in four deliveries, how spiritual and reverent birth can be.
September 10, 2002--The most painful and difficult day of my earthly life, our Ella came and left. And I reluctantly learned lessons that can only be learned through such a tragedy--mother is an eternal calling, God is in control, and never lose sight of our celestial goals.
June 20, 2004--Six lb. 4 oz. of sheer joy, Micah Thatcher was welcomed by excited siblings and grateful parents. And I learned what a gift each life is, what a miracle each birth involves, what 26 weeks of sacrifice brings.
March 28, 2007--Hyrum Kimball (7 lb. 3 oz.) arrived, following 22 hours of waiting and laboring. And I learned how important older siblings are when raising a large family, and what strength comes from the loving bonds found there.
August 26, 2008--Baby A (born June 23, 2007) came to live with us for what we thought would be a week, and has become what all would hope will be permanent, but only God knows. And I learned that biology isn't the only factor when it comes to mothering. I learned that I could come to love another woman's child like he is my own, yet trust in the Lord enough to know that He knows what will be best in the end.
March 3, 2009--Gummy Bear turns the stick pink, and I learn that our family is not yet complete. I learn that I can stay in bed yet again, that I can still serve in my calling, that I have room in my heart and in my life for one more.
Epiphany #73--Thank heaven for a day that reminds me of the real reason for Mother's Day--the gift of children.


  1. This could be a companion piece to Heidi's talk yesterday. She did such a great job. I loved her take on the topic, she is such an amazing young woman. For the first time in years I actually enjoyed the mother's day sacrament meeting. I don't enjoy mother's day as a rule, but I love your take on it. If I can remember to look at it this way maybe next year won't be so bad.

    Have you watched Amazing Race finale yet?????

  2. Hope you enjoyed reminiscing about your kids as much as I enjoyed reading about them!

    I'm also hoping that you are feeling well and taking good care of yourself.


  3. You've been busy while I was out of touch, glad things are looking up and your feeling better.

  4. That was beautiful.

    Hope you are feeling well, and things are going more smoothly for you.

  5. That is so sweet. I still don't know how you manage all that!

  6. They certainly are the reasons we are Mothers! As I read the countdown I remember so much of it. Amazed that you would ride a bike pulling a trailer to bring Heidi and Tucker to play at my house while pregnant with Ben. How proud you were when you told me the name for your baby Lily. The hard time yet sweet love you have for Ella. Bed, Bed, Bed for Micah - and us ditching church to see him in the hospital. Hyrum - who is the only kid who HATES my house but who is such a Denton that we adore him anyway. Baby A - possibly the easiest to aclimate to my house and just wants a story. I cannot wait for gummy bear but I do know about what he/she will look like....a Denton!

    Thanks for being my friend.

  7. What a beautiful post, I loved every word of it. You do have an amazing heart and capacity to love and care for kids. Here's hoping baby gummy bear allows you to get up and around soon.