Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Social Commentary Day

It's been a while since I really spouted off. So, if you're unprepared, maybe you better fear.

Woo hoo. Elizabeth Edwards has written another book. Why has this turned into such a media circus? Was it her appearance with The Oprah? Is it the content between the covers? Is it that the Edwards are just so fascinating?

I've actually stretched a few brain cells trying to process this hoo haw. No one seems to understand why Elizabeth would want to re-air her dirty laundry to a nation that really has had enough of her and her philandering, narcissistic, ego-maniac of a husband.

I can't imagine the degree of hurt and betrayal that comes from adultery. But it must be magnified a thousand times when you know that you are in the fight for your life, and you've just been told you cannot win. And here's this man who promised you "for better or for worse," here in the middle of "for worse," selfishly continuing to run for president, insisting on lying to the country about an extramarital affair and preaching integrity and honesty. Here's you, as the loyal, smart, aging, dying wife, but more importantly, the mother of his children. You're going to leave them soon, against your will, in the care of a man who cannot tell the truth.

Why did she write the book?

To nail his sorry carcass to the wall, finally and for all time, so that when she's no longer around to defend herself, when she's no longer standing between him and "Rielle," when she's no longer able to be strong for her children, they will have a concrete, unalterable view of what their mother was like. And that she was strong in the face of adversity. That she was her own person. And that she will never forgive him. Even when she's gone.

Gotta respect a woman that figured out a way to haunt a man from the grave, before she was gone.

Good for you, Elizabeth.


  1. This post kicks some serious tail! I love it!!

  2. you never fail to amuse me! i especially like the line: "to nail his sorry carcus to the wall."...i cant spell! things are looking a little more positive which is encouraging! I told my ultrasound tech today I used to think pregnant women who would say how far along they are in weeks were ridiculous...I GET IT now....haha EVERY SINGLE WEEK COUNTS!!! hope all is well with you...

  3. I hope it haunts him until his dying day!!

  4. Coming out of lurkerdum to leave a comment here. I am so glad you wrote this. I watched the Today Show this morning and couldn't figure out what the uproar was all about, why every one was hating Elizabeth Edwards. You took the proverbial words right out of my mouth. Excellent post!

  5. I like Elizabeth Edwards and always have. All my sympathies are with her. And I have no respect whatsoever for her philandering husband.


    GREAT post!