Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Here's the 5-minute entry for today:

I'm doing really well. I actually got up a little on Saturday to organize our youth into teams for a summer reading challenge of the Book of Mormon. One of the side benefits of being in bed so many hours? Lots of time to plan that I ordinarily wouldn't have found. I was ok after that.
Sunday I actually went to 2/3 of the meetings. And I was so glad. Heidi gave the most beautiful Mother's Day talk. I try not to be biased, because I am her mother. But she will be known in her life for her strong convictions and ability to bear strong beautiful testimony of the Gospel.
Monday I attempted to get back to normal. Although I didn't leave the house, I was up most of the day, with little pain meds to control the headache (and a Diet Pepsi, but that's got to be better for you than Fiorcet, right?).
Tuesday I actually left the premises for a few precious moments, sans little boys (thanks, Dawn!). I got milk and yogurt and cheese (note to self: must need more protein) and took a quick side trip to the scrapbook store for a YW project (I mean quick. I'm not really much of a scrapbooker). Later, I drove to piano lessons, voice lessons, then spent 2 1/2 mostly joyous hours in a Choir Broadway Review. How could I miss it? Tucker had the big solo.
Today--well, I'm feeling the brunt of my adventures and four weeks of solid bedrest. I'm so tired I just want to cry, and I'm a little achy too. But my head's much better, and I think I'm slowly about to return to about as much normal as I can plan on. The catch? My stinky hip is hurting again, after just 2 days of using it. Looks like surgery is going to be inevitable.

Other zingers:
Hot as the blazes here. I know. It's AZ. But still. 105 isn't unexpected in May, it's just the first in many months of sweaty agony. And still no solution on the deoderant thing. (Note to self: make that a priority before it hits 110.)
Baby A hates the pool. And it's the only haven on days like this. Monday I made him get in, but he refused to let go of my leg. Hyrum, on the other hand, is a little more adventurous than common sense should allow.
Graduation is 8 days from today. Brad asked me on Monday if I was going to cry for six months solid when Heidi leaves. I retorted that it was a bad combination--oldest leaving home and pregnancy hormones. She's all registered for school in July. Sigh.
Tucker's getting ready for a choir trip to Vienna in a month. He has great friends, and I know they'll have a blast. When did this kind of thing start? We were lucky to travel to Boise!
Why do spelling errors bug me so much? I'm not talking about the occasional typo, because we all suffer from such maladies. I mean words that the person actually thought was being used correctly or spelled right. Once a proofreader, always a proofreader.

That's it. Time's up.
(Ok, it was probably closer to 15 minutes, but I did have to stop and officiate a sword fight between two butter-knife-wielding toddlers! Note to self: hide butter knives.)


  1. Glad to hear that you are on your feet again and that the headache is improving. Sorry to hear that the hip is already troubling you. Two days?? Sheesh!

    You are in for a beautiful and poignant experience, so just hang on for dear life and enjoy it. And cry, too. Why not? When all is said and done, these are the memories you will treasure most of all, the stuff of which life is made.

  2. I'm glad you're feeling better as far as the headaches are concerned, but that darn hip!! Sorry to hear about that.

    I totally agree Diet Pepsi is much better than Fiorcet!!

    As far as your girl leaving home...since it's something I've never experienced, all I can say is that I'll be thinking of you and praying the transition is a joyful one...full of hope and thoughts of a bright and happy future! ;)


  3. Ah Jenny, you do crack me up. Of COURSE you're exhausted and sore, you may as well have run a marathon for what it's worth. But hey, at LEAST you were able to get up and do. Now, take a chill pill here and calm down. In other news, I was D-lighted to see you on my doorstep yesterday, so glad to have you back. And finally, I apologize if ever I am an offender of poor spelling, though truth be told, it's my grammar that suffers FAR more than my spelling.

  4. Hiding butter knives takes all teh fun out of pretending to be wolverine!!!!!!!!!!!! If you can honestly say to yourself that you have never placed three butter knives between your fingers on each hand (granted...the second hand is a bit difficult) and randomly sliced at the air pretending you had an adamantium skeleton, then you can also honestly tell yourself you have never lived.

    ((((hugs)))) (so does four parentheses on each side make it a bigger hug than Natalie's?

  5. I can NOT believe I'm giving in this easily, but here goes....fine Tucker, your hug is bigger.

  6. I was so glad to see you yesterday and you looked fantastic! I am glad that you made it to the choir concert and I am sure that Tucker was amazing. Don't over do it. I will be glad to come and pick up Lily for workshop this summer. I only have one of my daughters going and she would love to have some friends in the car. So let me know! :)