Saturday, June 13, 2009

Organize Yourshelves

About a month ago, my college roommate Paige blogged about cleaning her closet. You can read up on Paige's challenge here.
And since I can't pass up an organizing challenge, but I really needed to get back up on my feet before I tackled it, I waited until just the right moment. Until the closet was so unmanageable that I couldn't find my favorite sandals.

So here is the evidence. I was not as brave as Paige was. There are no before or during shots.
But here are a few of the "afters."
And, as an added bonus, here are a few little-known facts about AZ wardrobes:
We do own--and wear--sweaters. See shelf above skirts.
We do have umbrellas (bottom center, under my precious baseball cap collection). They're only brought out to dance in monsoon storms or to shelter us from the blistering heat at swim meets.
We also have jackets and boots. I live in a climate that is completely the opposite of my personal style. I love boots and blazers and jackets of all kinds. It takes much restraint to limit myself to the few that can actually be worn during the 6-7 weeks of "cold" we experience each winter.

One other little-known fact: I am probably the only woman in America that has less closet space than her man. In Brad's defense, he doesn't have any dresser drawers. But this still says something about his personality!

Epiphany #77--A little organization is an instant prozac
One day I'll splurge on all those matching wood hangers. Sigh.
So, what are you working on?


  1. Wow! That looks much better than mine did. And you have sweaters? Huh?

  2. so awesome! By the way-K9 web filter just blocked your blog -it was labeled as "adult/mature content"...what did I miss?

  3. Hey, I'm impressed! And a little bit jealous...

    Great job, Jen. Now take it easy, okay?


  4. Beautifully done m'dear. It looks fabo. Loved your commentary on AZ wardrobes as well. There is nothing better than a freshly cleaned closet. Perhaps in July I'll tackle mine, right after I tackle the kids room and getting rid of my "office". Good times!

  5. Wow, that looks fabulous!

    Sorry, but I have to ask and don't get mad at me for it...are you doing too much??

  6. Amen to Natalie's comment!!! Maybe more than anyone else I know how hard it is for you to slow down. If more of your friends tell you to do it, will it work? Glad you are feeling as well as you are.

  7. you have too many shoes