Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Have you all done the "I wonder what this used to be?" dance in front of an overflowing refrigerator?
Yesterday I found two mystery quart bottles on the bottom shelf, squeezed way in the back behind the cheese. I don't even know where these jars came from, let alone what they may contain. So I moseyed over to the sink with the first, opened it, and discovered that it was expired chili. Chili on its freshest days still leaves a lingering aroma, but this new concoction was not one I wanted around for long. Down the disposal it went.
As I brought the second jar to the sink, I noticed that it must have tipped over in the fridge, because its lid was bulging and the ring couldn't be loosened. I unconsciously ran it under hot water, then leaned over the sink and gave it a gentle twist.
It exploded rancid chili: all over the sink, all over the backsplash, all over the bar, all over the bar stools, all over the floor, and ALL OVER ME! All I could say was, "Ewww. Nasty!" And I proceeded to rid the kitchen of every speck of odor and putrescence, while my two toddlers repeated over and over, "Ewww. Nasty!"
Epiphany #78--Humor and two-year-old boys can erase an egregious error in judgment.
Just glad I'd said "nasty" instead of something really nasty!


  1. Yuck and double yuck. Even worse is broccoli that gets left in the veggie drawer too long.

    Now, THAT'S nasty!

  2. Good language control! That story just makes me shudder - and I will make someone else clean out my fridge.

  3. That is just sick! And good for you for keeping your tongue, 'cause goodness knows, something profrane would have flowed from mine. Still grossed out at the thought of the explosion.

  4. Sometimes it's better to JUST THROW AWAY THE CONTAINER when you know it's going to be gross. Especially being pregnant, what are you doing getting gross things out of the fridge, anyway? Leave that to hubby!

  5. You are soooooo much more brave than I am... mystery containers that obviously contain some kind a growth related to penicillin go into the trash without being opened. This is also my rule for old sippy cups and bottles. It doesn't happen often, but when it does... oh dang! :)

  6. Oh NOOOOO!!!!

    I probably would've just sent the entire dish to the trash and not attempted opening! How did you not vomit? Your sense of smell is overwhelming right now!

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