Friday, June 19, 2009


I'm filled with the summer "Ma-laze."
By definition, that's when Mom is just too lazy to do much.
Ok. So there is stuff I have to do, like driving kids everywhither and making meals and cleaning the house and working on YW lessons and helping Heidi register for BYU-I and mediating fights and wrestling with CPS and planning two birthdays and our 20th anniversary next week.
But I don't want to do any of it.
I hate feeling like this--tasks piling up and my desire to do them fading.
I just want to stay in bed and do nothing. Not read. Not organize. Not nuthin'.

What is it about summer that gets me in this funk?
It can't be the temperature. That's usually what I blame. We're experiencing the "coolest" summer in recent memory--fourteen days below 100. Last time we were like that here in AZ, it was 1913.
Maybe a quick blog makeover and a short shopping trip will do the trick.
Let you know later.


  1. Cute makeover...and the shopping trip is always a good plan!

    Isn't life perverse at times? When you're forced to stay in bed it's mostly torture...yet once you're up and around again (juggling 100 balls or so), you can't help longing for a bit of rest.

    Is that Murphy's Law or what?



    PS. All kidding aside, do listen to your body, Jen. It may just be telling you to take things a little easier. (I know, I know...I'm supposed to be a friend, not a mother.) "/

  2. ooo, be careful about the "I just want to stay in bed..." comment. Karma is a wicked kick in the butt.:)

  3. I hear ya sister, except I've been in that said Malaise since about April. What is MY excuse? I can't even see my furniture anymore, under the foot deep dust layer. I'm hoping that July will be a good respite and I'll be rekindled for a whole new year and me. But really, from what I can tell, you're anything but "lazy" and probably doing more than you should.

  4. I'm with the majority here, shopping is the cure all!

  5. Sorry for such a crappy comment, I'm just so tired I can't think, or type, or anything.

  6. I like that word "everywhither"!!! :) Janette