Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Two Birthday Boys

Micah's birthday was June 20th, and the lucky little bugger got to celebrate twice--cake and cousins on his actual day, and a party with friends on the 24th.

His favorite present, by far, was his "Hukalele." It was hilarious to see him standing on the mailbox, dancing and strumming away, singing, "hukalele, hukalele, hukalele." Besides, that was the only place he could go where two little brothers couldn't try to steal it away from him!He waited to have his party until after his two best buddies were back from vacation, and it was worth the wait. Fun food, fun friends, fun toys, but the best part . . . . . . is having a big brother that is a Jedi master, who is willing to teach five-year-olds how to hit a pinata with a light saber. A few minor tragedies, but all was well.Baby A's birthday was on our anniversary. All the toys had to be "share-able"--a bag of balls, two bubble makers, and duplos.
With this being the busiest week of the summer for us, I didn't have time to bake cupcakes for A and for Micah's party. Sam's Club comes through again, with a fantastic assortment of thirty frosted and decorated cakes. I was busy driving kids from one end of Mesa to the other, and Heidi was here, getting everybody ready for the family Primary activity that night. When she came down the stairs, Hyrum and Baby A had gotten into the box and smeared white frosting from here to there and everywhere in between. So sorry, no dessert for the Primary party. So sorry, no pictures to preserve the debacle for posterity. But it must have been way more fun for two toddlers!
Epiphany #79--Nothing is ever safe from the conniving minds of two-year-old boys.

Luckily, I'd already hidden the twelve I needed for Micah's party the next day.


  1. Never a dull moment at the Denton house...!


    PS. I LOVE the pic atop the mailbox. heehee

  2. Sounds like fun. happy Birthday.