Thursday, July 2, 2009

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Summer

You thought I'd dropped off the planet, didn't you?
You thought that I'd forgotten all about you all, didn't you?
We just had the busiest, craziest, and my favorite week of the summer.
Last week I attended SEVEN different shows, then left for San Diego for three days with my wonderful man to celebrate our 20th. Got back late last night, in fact. We had a near-perfect trip. Weather was gorgeous, food was unbelievable (Rhinoceros Grill on Coronado Island, highly recommend), and the company the best there is. If only I hadn't forgotten my temple recommend, then it would have been as close to perfect as possible. Alas, I had to keep the trip grounded in reality, didn't I?
And I did keep up on all your blogs while I was gone, via Blackberry. Just didn't comment. Just know I was checking up on you all. And laughing, and crying, and admiring.
Can I just say that, although I don't consider myself a stage mom by any means (correct me if I'm wrong Allyson and Jenn), I LOVE to watch my kids on stage? I know they're not the best of the best, but I love to watch them enjoying themselves and having so much fun!

Four of the seven shows I attended were "Thoroughly Modern Millie," done by AYT here in Mesa. The first show was really rocky (one dancer was lucky to not break a leg tripping over fallen set pieces), but it got so much better, that by the last performance Friday night, I was completely impressed. Tucker had a blast as Jimmy, and the cast as a whole was the best I've seen them assemble. Thoroughly enjoyable, and I haven't been able to get the songs out of my head since!

Pining away for Millie in jail. Too bad the dance shots were too blurry. That's when T really shines. Twenty stories up on a window sill. In real life, Tucker and Corrine are more like a brother and sister, and I guess they fought like it backstage, according to one of the directors!Tucker refused any real kissing, so every kiss was a stage kiss. But everyone was guessing every night if he'd ever just do it. And after the first stage kiss Wednesday night, Lily audibly whispered, "Nasty!" To which the entire audience roared.
Studly stage makeup, don't you think? He wasn't too flattered when we told him he looked a little like Adam Lambert.

Lily's show was Thursday night at MCC, and if a child was ever born to perform, it's that one!
Enjoying her moment in the spotlight, speaking her mind, as always!
With her best friend, Annika Green. Even though they were far from the tallest performers, they were a few of the oldest, and she needs to make the decision whether to move to the older group of kids next year. Reliable sources in the industry confidently assured me she's ready. We'll see next year.

Ben did the older kids' session, which surprised me. He has expressed no interest in it since he bit a kid backstage three years ago. (Count that back, folks. He was in FOURTH grade. I wasn't too motivated to send him back myself. But he promised no biting this time, and he followed through with that promise.)
Ben took Men's Chorus last year, under a bit of duress, and he actually enjoyed it. A lot. I get comments from teachers and directors that he really has a good voice. Surprising, really, since Tucker is always singing so loudly we didn't even realize Ben could sing . . .
Ain't nothin' like a dame!
He looks like this when he has to practice at home, too, so this wasn't really acting!

All in all, so much fun. I am so grateful I live in an area where there are so many opportunities for my kids to perform and learn from such great directors and friends.

One final note about our trip:
I came home fully rejuvenated, ready to be Mom again. Ready to be YW president again. Ready to make my own meals again.
It could not have been possible without my lovely Heidi. She watched all the kids from Monday morning until Wednesday night, and we came home to a clean house with healthy, safe kids. And we only had maybe 2 calls the whole time we were gone. She is the best, and I can't believe she's leaving AZ two weeks from tomorrow. What a hole she will leave. Can I manage without her?

Epiphany #80--Family is where my heart is.


  1. Can't wait to see your great family! We will request singing from everyone.

  2. You should tell us about these performances BEFORE they occur. We would have loved to see them.

  3. What beautiful, talented kids! I'm so impressed.

    And I'm glad you had fun in Coronado. Paul and I went last fall and it was a great, relaxing trip.

  4. What a talented bunch you're raising over there! And I'm glad you got to have such a restful, enjoyable trip. It's amazing what a little R&R can do for a mother of many.

    We love Coronado, too. Last time we went there, I was so pregnant I could barely eat my dinner...Didn't have enough room! (Time to go again...)


  5. You do have talented kids and they are way fun to work with. Thanks for sharing them with us. I am glad that you were able to get away - sounds like you had a great time!

  6. Oh the fun, the excitement! Aren't you glad you aren't on bed rest?

  7. So many thoughts...where to begin. Oh I know, how about this. YOU ARE YOUNG WOMENS PRESIDENT? When the heck did that happen? Pretty sure last I knew you were Laurel advisor. Secondly, I was really starting to worry, since you hadn't posted, and more importantly hadn't commented on my return to bloggerdom. Imagine my relief when you did comment and it turned out you were galavanting around Coronado. Phew! Thirdly, I am TRES impressed with all your photographic evidence in this post. So fun to see the pics. Tucker looks quite handsome in those shots. Can't wait to watch some video. Yes, Lilly is MORE than ready to move on and come be in my numbers next year. And finally, so glad you're back, but "gladder" you got out and had a great get away.