Sunday, July 5, 2009

Lily Update

Lily ended up running away to the backyard and hiding by the A/C units.

Twenty minutes later, when she discovered we were headed shopping, she had a miraculous change of heart and decided we weren't so bad.

She even got a new pair of silver flip flops out of the trip.

How fickle is woman!

She divulged her grand scheme: Our neighbors across the street were out of town until this morning, and she'd planned on living in their house. Hm. Wonder how she was going to get past the locked doors. . . .


  1. HI-larious! So glad all could come to a peaceful conclusion. Thanks so much for a delightful evening, it was great to spend some time with y'alls.

  2. Sounds like Lily is a girl after my own heart...a pragmatist to the end!


  3. Locked doors are nothing to a child! I am sure they know 4 different ways into the house without using a door and know where the spare key is, besides! :) That story cracked me up. Sounds like the flip-flops smoothed it all over.

  4. How's the BYU-I prep going? I saw Heidi started a blog-and it's private-what, she doesn't want all her mom's friends oogling her BYU-I adventures? you'll just have to keep us up to date!