Saturday, July 11, 2009

Summer Lessons

Just a quick update on the Dentons.
I'm desperately trying to teach my kids that we don't need computer and TV every second of every day.
As such, we have instituted a "monitor-free" week, and so I'm trying to set a good example by not blogging or anything.
See you on Thursday.
Ben has dubbed it "Amish week."
Poor them. Don't you feel bad?


  1. It's a good exercise, so go to it! (But we will miss you...)


  2. O trust me it better than the amish. I was in an amish town on this trip!! WOW! it was HOT and yet there they were trying to work gas makeshift fans and dressed up in these pioneer outfits! They really drove around in a horse and buggy! O i could go on all day- the food, the bathrooms,
    have fun though!