Thursday, July 30, 2009

One Hundred Days Left, But Who's Counting?

Gummy Bear is due 100 days from today!
I can't update with any pictures, but here's what I do know . . .
Dr. did an ultrasound on Tuesday to check my cervix, hoping it would be at least 3.5 cm. And it was 3.67! Yahoo! So all my crazy gallivanting around the countryside was fine! For sure Baby is a girl. I don't know why that was comforting to me--maybe because I always think the scan can be wrong until you see the actual plumbing.
I'm still taking it easy, easier than normal anyway. And I am lamenting the fact that I've outgrown a few of my maternity clothes. This body change has been hard for me. I feel gross and big, and the worst is still ahead. It's all worth it in the end, I know. Easy to say, hard to remember.
Our biggest issue right now is a name. Since we've never really known the gender of Baby before it was born, the name debate has been cut in half, but that's about as far as we've gotten. Why is it that naming a child is so difficult, until the moment they're named? Then they just become that name and all the debate is forgotten.
Heidi was going to be Alexandra, but when you're born at 13 inches and 1 lb. 12 oz., your name can't be that long!
Brad wanted to name Tucker "Rex." Thankfully that didn't happen. But his name is Tucker Christian, and we called him Christian for the first five months of his life, then morphing into Tucker C., then just Tucker. Tucker is my maiden name, and I knew firsthand all the teasing associated with it. But, in the end, what a perfect name for him.
Heidi and Tucker solved the name debate with Ben when they came to the hospital. Mom and Dad couldn't agree (Andrew or Nicholas), and they both begged, "Can we please name him Benjamin?" So we did.
Lily Jane was named after two grandmas--Lillie Poe and Grandma Janie. But she was Lucy Rose (after two different grandmas) for an hour first.
Ella--means beautiful fairy, and that name fits our angel child perfectly.
Micah means gift, and that's how I've always thought of him, as a gift to fill a void. And Thatcher is Brad's cousin who's practically a brother. Never seen Thatcher stunned to silence actually, until we named a kid after him!
Baby #7 comes around and the name pool is dwindling. Dr. mentioned after his birth that March 28th is President Kimball's birthday, so that's the name I wanted. But, tradition in the Denton Sanatorium allows all voices in the family to speak, and no one else liked it. Dad liked Jack. Same issue. After much deliberation, Heidi suggested Hyrum, and we had another "Why not?" moment. So Hyrum Kimball joined the ranks.
I've really been struggling with names this time. Brad likes things totally opposite from me--names no one else uses often like Mary, Caroline, and Eve, and I opposite from him--Grace, Joy, Hope, Faith. Tucker likes Savannah, Ben likes Erin, Lily likes Brittany, Micah likes Marissa or Alyssa. Heidi has been a little more close-lipped on this one, seeing that her use of baby names is actually within the realm of five years (gulp!), but she really likes Olivia. Dad hates all of those, and I can't begin to decide.
Any suggestions will be taken under advisement, then, unfortunately, presented to the ever-growing committee.
One hundred days.


  1. Good luck on the name thing. I know you can do better than Traci Neal Tucker. (HA HA)

  2. I always wanted a Cosette (from Les Miserables)...that was vetoed...and I think Sarah's name is more fitting for her now...Do you think she would be a different person if I had named her Cosette?

  3. I have to SEE the kid first! Brenn would have been Erin or Alexandra (Funny don't you think?) but I wanted a Brenn forever and Ken said absoulety NOT!! but she looked like a Brenn. I wanted Dallin to be Dylan but 90210 had just come out and once again Ken said NO! (funny but the other Dallin on the wrestling team is Dallin for the same reason.) And Logan was nameless for a long time until Kens cousin Sera (who was 16) came up with Logan so really we are bad about it! How about....hhmmm Rose or actually I still like Lucy. If Brad like old fashioned how about Mildred? You could have Lily and Milly. Ok I am Done.

  4. Just thought Victoria is a pretty feminine name and not comonly found these days.

  5. I like Savannah and Brittany :) really though. What about Bella, Grace, Mae, Sophia.....

  6. Well surprisingly, I'm with Tucker. I LOVE the name Savanah.
    And you can call her Savi, it's cute. Please no Mary, I'm just saying. I'll admit some of my favorite names, 'cuase I don't know if I'll get to use them. So, I really LOVE the name Harper (and may use it if granted that chance) and I like Ava and Sophie. Oh, there is always Esme. Hey, you asked for suggestions! hehe

  7. Our little granddaughter is Carli, and I just met a little girl the other night named Bella. Fits her, because she is a beauty.

    Sarah has always been a favorite in our family...and Emily. I also like Abby (Abigail). And Izzy (Isabelle).

    Glad your pregnancy is going so well!


  8. Ok, here's my favorite girl names ever: Emma, Abygail, Amelia, Ava, Nora, Madalyn. I also like Adaline (sure that spelling is wrong and totally weird), and Moriah. Do you like Cassidy? I have a little cousin named that. Her mom calls her Cassidy, her big brothers call her Cassie, and her dad calls her Cass.

    I actually am with Tucker on this one, a few years ago I was in love with the name Savannah and I still really like it. And I love the name Mary too.

  9. I think her initials need to be G.B. in honor of all these months as "gummy bear"

  10. Yeah, the name game! Everyone loves to play it! Hmm... We have always looked at family names as a starting point, and then searched from there. I have always loved Tess or Jillian (Jilly, too close to Lily?). Tressie was the little sister of Ron's grandmother and she always talked about how much she loved her, and I loved that. Some friends have a Calissa, which is pretty, and you could spell it so many different ways! he he Thanks for the encouragement with the house hunt. I appreciate it!

  11. I always thought Alyson with a y was a good name!!

  12. Wish I could help but we're having the same problem around here. I'm feeling even worse off because I can't come up with a single name that I like! Girl #5 is going to be harder to name than I thought:) Good luck!

  13. Rusty made fun of all the names I liked until Kaden...He didn't want to talk about it any more. He said that is his name! and boy does it fit!!!

  14. If Joseph had been a girl he would have been Ava. I also like Grace though, Brad!