Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Surviving the Testosterone Jungle

Lily is with Grandma Janie until Friday, and, as you know, Heidi is in Rexburg (let's not go there today, shall we?). Brad is at Girls' Camp until Friday, so it's just me and the Jedis. And they're restless. Nothing to do, too hot, friends out of town. The worst part is that nothing sounds fun.

So, today we spent the morning reorganizing the storage room (it's finally been repaired from the leak last fall). I think that's why I had boys--to lift stuff like food storage boxes, camping equipment, and Christmas decorations. Then I hauled the whole bunch to Sam's Club. Just for something to do. I ended up buying a few things I'd never get (Pizza Bagel Bites and Oreos), but it was worth it to see Tucker's face when one of the sample giver guys called Tucker Micah's dad. That was a hoot. Besides, where else can you buy lunch for five growing boys for $13? Nowhere, I venture.
Epiphany #83--Boys need big muscle work and lots of food to keep them out of trouble.
Try it. It really works.
It's time for school to start.


  1. We have the same problem...nothing to do, too stinkin' hot, and friends out of town...wait you just came back :) Top it all off with pregnanct with no energy! I guess it's time for school to start. Love all the light sabers!!!-Janette

  2. Boy, you still have your hands full...even with your daughter at college!


    PS. I, too, have a love for Sam's Club and have lived in the testosterone jungle.

  3. I agree that it is time for school to start!!! It will be crazy in a different way because I will have 3 kids going to 3 different elementary schools. What am I thinking.
    As for Sam's Club we love eating there for such a little amount of money.
    I love the picture!

  4. one thing.... jedis is not a word. the plural of jedi is jedi. sorta like moose or deer but way more deadly and with less horns.