Wednesday, August 12, 2009

First Day of School

Enough depressing entries! Maybe if I post happy, I'll act happy! Right? Right!
Today was the first day of school!
Weird to see Lily with all those brothers. Tucker had to leave today before Baby A left on his visit (not going there today, friends). Denton family tradition is father's blessings and yearly stats taken before school starts, then pictures on the front porch that morning. Here's how our day went:
Tucker--12th Grade
166.5 lbs., 72" tall (yep, he made it to six feet, folks!)
Favorite food: otter pops
Favorite movie: Stardust
Favorite book: The Road (just teasing him!)
Buddies: Joe, Karlie, Markie, Olivia, etc., etc.
Tucker invited a "few friends" over for lunch today. Luckily I was warned that someone had placed that invite on Facebook, so I was prepared when 23 seniors showed up at the door. Such a fun group of kids. Loved having them, every one!

Ben--8th Grade
128.5 lbs., 5'7 1/2" tall
Favorite food: Steak
Favorite movie: The Dark Knight
Favorite book: A lot of them
Buddies: McKay, Logan, Tory, Quinn, etc.
Ben is currently trying to bounce back from heat exhaustion at football practice Monday. He went yesterday, but he still couldn't make it through. Hopefully today will be his day.

Lily--4th Grade
53.5 lbs., 4'5 1/2" tall
Favorite food: otter pops
Favorite movie: G-Force
Favorite book: Judy Moody Predicts the Future
Buddies: Linda, Chelsea, Annika, Emily, Kaylee, etc.
Lily, like many fourth-grade beauties, had a difficult time sleeping last night, claiming she didn't sleep at all. Next time, I need photographic evidence of the fact. Maybe then she'll believe me.

37.5 lbs., 3'7 1/2 inches tall
Favorite food: Pepperoni pizza
Favorite movie: Eragon
Favorite book: Chicka, Chicka 1 2 3
Buddies: John, Brayden, Jake, Janalee, etc.
Tucker came downstairs this morning at 6:15 to get his scriptures, and what did he find? Micah playing Wii. When Tucker said, "Buddy, it's school today," Micah stopped, looked at him, and replied, "Then I better get this thing turned off!" He sprinted upstairs to dress and ask Mom for help with those infamous black Cons.
I couldn't resist including a shot of his awesome hair, done by Tucker.
Hyrum's stats: 26.5 lbs., 34.5" tall. Favorite foods: Go-gurt and suckers. Favorite show: "SuperWhy." Best Buddy: Angelo.

Unfortunately, I am slightly inept when it comes to computer management. So I will be unable to include pictures from yesterday's ultrasound. But I do have updated stats on Gummy Bear:
I went to the OB yesterday. Baby is definitely a girl, which he never seems to tire of pointing out. She's measuring 2 lb. 3 oz., give or take five ounces. All seems well. I measured two centimeters big. And when Dr. ran the numbers on my amniotic fluid, he discovered that I'm in the 99th percentile of normal for fluid. Nothing to worry about, just puts undue stress on the cervix, with possibility of early delivery. Just something new to watch. I also received those infamous orders to take a glucose test in the next week. UGH. I hate that.

Everyone's home now, except for Ben and Angelo. Had a great day. Tucker's thrilled, Lily was surrounded by kids she knows, and Micah deemed the day "kinda lame," because he can't play with the toys until tomorrow.
So, until tomorrow . . .


  1. for the record...that's EXACTLY what micah said this morning. not even altered

  2. Prepare for the nasty orange soda - hope it is at least cold!!

    Dallin finally topped Tuc - he is 6'1" but only 137 lbs - Ahhh to have muscles.

  3. You have a beautiful family, Jen. And tell your boy not too push himself too hard. That heat exhaustion needs to be treated with respect.

    Be sure and get enough rest, okay? You're coming in to the home stretch!


  4. Ugh. I hate typos. Take an "o" off that first "too," will ya?



  5. Saw Micah at school this morning when I was over there, he was so cute waving to me with a huge smile! I am sure today will be a bigger hit with him... toys, right?

  6. Glad it went well for all the kiddos on their first day. Ours start next week, and like your little girl, I'm sure my 8 year old will not sleep at all (despite me telling him I saw it!). I'm taking your advice and snapping a picture of it for proof! :)

  7. So adorable, every one of them! I love the stats, I find that all so interesting! Holy cow Lily really is a peanut in all her 53 lbs. LOVED Micahs hair and converse, too cute for words!