Sunday, September 13, 2009


What could be so intriguing?
Thirty minutes hunting with a black light . . .
Nine scorpions sighted.
Seven scorpions caught.
Four scorpions survived the aggressive capturing process.
All met tragic ends.

NOT one of the top ten reasons I live in AZ.


  1. And one of the MAIN reasons I don't live in AZ. Besides the heat, of course!

    My DIL has a friend whose toddler got bitten by a baby scorpion. A bunch of them had hatched in her pool! Now, that is just too creepy, Jen.

    Ewww, indeed!


  2. Nasty. I read this post and started getting creeped out...but then I remembered that I live in Utah now.

  3. I laughed that they were in a drinking gobblet. We actually put ours in a homedepot bucket but....we use our salad tongs to catch them. Infact the missionaries were over a couple weeks ago and recognized the tongs, "hey, don't you use these to catch your scorpions". Yep we do.toracaph

  4. Uggghhhh...nice presentation though, who'd a thought they could be so elegant?

  5. I prefer to live in ignorant, non-scorpion bliss at my house. If you don't see them/find them/catch them, they don't exist...right???--Janette

  6. If you pour alcohol on them or light them on fire they will sting themselves to death, boy is it a sight to behold!

  7. Ewwww! That's all I have to say about THAT!