Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Burnin' Down the House

Hyrum can accomplish much when he sets his mind to it.
He's not an extremely mischievous child, but he IS a Denton, so when he sets his mind to something, he finds a way to do it.
Sunday mornings at our house have just changed: Our block now begins at 9 am, instead of 1 pm. That means that my Ward Council meeting has moved to 7 am: right in the middle of Brad's Stake High Council meeting. Luckily, I have a houseful of boys who just need their ties clipped on (the younger set) and their hair slicked back. Lily is self-sufficient and can make herself presentable independently.

Long intro. Here's the scoop:
I left for my meeting just before seven, and all was quiet in the house.
Around 7:20, Tucker threw a pillow at Ben, politely inquiring if he would go feed the little boys.
Two minutes later, Ben walked into the kitchen, and he smelled smoke. Where?
In the microwave.

Hyrum had decided popcorn would be a great breakfast. And having watched how the process works, how hard could it be? He actually remembered to remove the outer plastic (whether that was good or bad, I'll never know), open the microwave (which, incidentally, is an under-counter mount and just at his eye level--it seemed like a good idea at the time), and press a random button to start it. Who knows how long that doomed bag roasted, but when Ben opened the door, he was engulfed by a cloud of smoke.

I have good boys. Let me rephrase that. I have good BIG boys. When I got home at 8:20, I could smell something in the garage. Uh-oh. Someone burned their toast. Once inside, I realized it was something more. All the windows were open, every fan and vent was on, and the popcorn mess? Mysteriously gone. At least they had taken care of the mess. AND the two little boys were angelically sitting in front of "Veggie Tales," completely dressed and ready for Church.

But the odor lingers. And lingers. It's AWFUL! Since the cinders and smoke sat in the microwave for a while, every cabinet and drawer in my island carries an unwanted aroma. I've tried everything I know how (or found on the Internet) to rid our house of the smell--baking soda, vinegar, lemon. But every time one of those cabinets is opened or the microwave is used, we are reminded of our creative little Rum-Diddy.

At least it was just the microwave.
Epiphany #95--Microwaves come with locking features for a reason.
Mine has been locked for 48 hours now.


  1. I've burned popcorn in the micro before, as we all have, and it is one powerful odor. I have to believe it will eventually go away, but wow. That really stinks. (Quite literally).

    Hope it all diffuses soon.


  2. Give it a couple of weeks and it will be a distant memory. At least it did not start a fire!

    Thank Heaven for locking Mircowaves.

  3. When smoke filled my house, I was told to leave out bowls of vinegar to absorb the odor. I had big bowls of vinegar everywhere--it took 2 weeks before we could even smell vinegar!!! Don't know if it was the vinegar or just the time...but the smell did eventually leave. You Dentons (even the tiniest one) are a resourceful bunch! :) --Janette

  4. I love that your boys can clean up burnt popcorn AND get their younger brothers ready for church. Amazing.

  5. In my very limited experience, it seems that a teenage boy who can clean and dress small children is worth his weight in gold. Props to my honorary brothers Tucker and Ben. I'm happy your house did not burn down! If it makes you feel any better...I put a plastic bowl on top of a hot stove top and our apartment smelled like burnt rubber for a day and a half. And I'm not two years old so I really have no excuse. :)