Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Uncivil Disobedience

Kanye West.
Serena Williams.
Joe Wilson.
Much of talk radio.
That lady in the Target parking lot yesterday.

What happened to "Speak softly and carry a sharp stick"?
I can't remember a time when our country was so full of animosity and vocal disagreement, just for the sake of disagreeing. We can't seem to disagree without hate. Without venom.
I understand that it is impossible for us all to agree on everything. Even on most things. But this is getting out of control. Rancor doesn't solve problems. It creates more. And frankly, I've had it with Democrats, Republicans, Presidents, Congress, the media, and talk show hosts.
Get your acts together. Swallow some of your pride. Remember who you represent. Hunker down, suck it up, and find some solutions. There's middle ground somewhere.

We the People are ready for peace. Peace and quiet, that is.