Thursday, September 17, 2009


Sometimes, you strike GOLD!
Today was that day.
I've been struggling with a minor problem. The word minor isn't even small enough to describe this problem.
I had a car seat and stroller that I LOVED when I had Micah. It was perfect. The carseat was a great color, the stroller was easy to manipulate. I loved it.
When we had Hyrum, I couldn't find the car seat base. Looked high and low. Every attic and basement. It was nowhere to be found. So, we bought a new stroller/car seat system (because, as every mom knows, car seats and strollers are purposely made to not be interchangeable). Brad's sister bought my favorite stroller (and drove it into the ground, I might add, using it to its full potential), and I had a brand-new set.
Shoulda been happy, right?
I HATE that car seat. Whoever designed it must have either flunked design school or had never tried to buckle a squirming, chubby-legged infant into that restraining harness. The buckle was literally so difficult that I would rarely fully protect my little Jum-Jum's life by securing the harness at the crotch.
Do you see my minor problem? Could I justify the purchase of a new carseat? Or should I just struggle along with the world's most impossible buckle for the next eight to twelve months?
One day, not too long ago, when Brad and I were both walking through Target, I approached him with this dilemma. What to do? And he agreed with me that it was worth the decrease in frustration level to purchase a new seat. (I really don't need a stroller, anyway. I bought a double umbrella for Micah and Hyrum that I ended up using plenty for Hyrum and Angelo, and a baby seat fits in the seat until the baby's big enough.)
So, what to do?
Since I had Hyrum, many people have designed the most beautiful custom car seat covers, all soft and darling. But those covers cost anywhere from $50-150. And that, on top of the purchase price of a new car seat ($70-150) was more than I could justify.
So, what was an enterprising "young" lady to do? I came up with a plan. Find a used car seat on Craigslist, that bountiful field of bargains, then buy a beautiful custom cover. Genius, no?
Today I went to look at a car seat--$25 in great condition, they said. And when I got there, what did I see? Not only a $25 car seat with a functional crotch strap, but one in such great condition that I won't need to have a cover made for it! Too bad Brad took his camera to Washington with him, or I would share a photo of said prize.
Silly how happy bargain shopping can make a girl!
post-script: I just got happier! I happened to go to Craigslist to see if the posting had been removed, and I found a posting for the EXACT SAME CAR SEAT for $40. Click on the link and you can see for yourself what a deal I got!
Wha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. Score


  1. That is adorable! Perfect for a stylish Baby Denton. Fun! Nothing quite like that "I got such a fabulous deal" feeling, is there?

  2. That's a real deal. And there's nothin' better than a real deal. (This is almost a steal!)


  3. It looks perfect for you. I have no idea how a car seat can look so good after someone uses it. We use ours into the ground and they have to be thrown away especially my last two boys! Congrats on the find!

  4. Must have been that wonderful lunch that started the 'Golden' day!!