Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Where to Begin . . .

I don't even know where to start with this . . .
See this guy?
On Sunday, he was sustained as our ward's new bishop.

We're still in a state of surprise, limbo, and shock. And I don't know how long that will last.
One thing I do know. More change is coming. Good thing my attitude about change had an adjustment a month ago.

My sister and her husband happened to be in town from ID this week. I can't tell you what a blessing it was to have them here to help with my little ones during a very emotional Sacrament Meeting. Not only that, but I got to hang out with my sister (that never happens) and her husband, our family computer specialist, gave our network a much-needed overhaul. Thanks isn't enough.

We also had Brad's mom and step-dad with us for the weekend. And all the local cousins and family. I am so grateful that we are surrounded by such great family.

I've been so overwhelmed this last week that I haven't even noticed the changing weather, my messy house, or my expanding belly. November will be here before I know it, and whew! This is going to be quite the ride!


  1. Wow...change in deed has placed itself at your feet! Hang in their girlie, I'm praying for you.

    May the month of October bring smiles up smiles for you and yours!


  2. First of all where did all the gray come from?

    Brad will be a great Bishop!

  3. I'm in awe of you guys, what can't you do?

    Probably your life was just getting too slow and boring, wait. . .

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  5. I know the answer to Karen's question-Tucker, Ben, Lily, Micah, and Hyrum!

    Yeah for Bishop Denton! Can't wait to be in Ward Council with the two of you in a couple of weeks :)

    I am so glad you wrote about change, we all need to learn to take the changes in our lives calmly and with anticipation instead of dread...something I am diligently working on right now!

    September 29, 2009 1:02 PM

  6. Uhhh, WOW! Didn't see that a comin. However, not gonna lie, I'd sure love to have him as my Bishop, 'cause I love that guy! Good luck with that Jenny, it's a toughy for sure, but you'll be great, and he'll be great, and your blessings will be GREAT!! Love you!

  7. Hey! That's embarrassing. I apologize, world.

    Jenny and I will have a loving talk about blog sharing or too much information or whatever you call it when a wife posts more than the husband ever would but he can't be all cranky about it because then the blogreaders will think he's a jerk.

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  9. WoW! You have such a great family, your ward is very lucky to have all of you!

  10. Make sure you keep that photo so we can compare the gray in five or so years.

  11. You? The Bishop's Wife?! I'm not surprised.

  12. Wow!! How exciting!! I am sure you both will be awesome with all the changes and challenges ahead!!

  13. Ya well I knew that was going to happen when they re did the stake presidency. I was calling Brad Bishop Denton a few weeks ago. Congrats and condolences it will be quite a ride. But worth it.

  14. Boy, can I relate. Looks like you are in for waaaay more changes than just a new baby! Hang on, my friend...This is gonna be one heck of a ride!!!

    Having said that, I'm not surprised. From all indications your husband is pretty great. (And his wife ain't bad, either.)

    You guys will be great.