Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Month in Pictures

September, a photo essay
Ok. This picture was really taken at the end of August, but who can resist Biggest Brother with Littlest Brother in a jam session?Mommy the drum--wow. My belly is WAY bigger than that now!Ben caught up in something very serious--think it was a letter to his sister.Lily with the same preoccupation--low-tech style.Brad complained in comment yesterday about my post, mostly because he thought the picture was "dorky." This is the real Brad, sitting down with his boys every night, reading one story each and singing one song each. Don't vary that routine, on pain of death!
"Sometimes, I get up from my nap and wander for a minute before finding another cozy place to land."Micah has been infatuated with blocks since kindergarten started. Uncle Matt and Dad helped him copy the temple on the front of this month's Friend. Pretty cool, huh? Mom and Aunt Karen had to take all the powers of the destroyer (Hyrum) on a wagon ride so that they could finish it. To Hyrum's credit, he left it alone on the coffee table all day yesterday. Then Micah came home and promptly leveled it.

Funniest "Bishop" comment to date:
This morning, Hyrum was exercising his right to say "NO." Daddy went to put him in the corner, whereupon Hyrum suddenly bolted and hid. This did not sit well with the dad.
I was helping Micah put on his shoes, when Micah muttered, "You're supposed to do what the bishop says, I mean really."
I'll have to remind him of that . . .

Hope your September was filled with fun moments!


  1. What cute pics! Your belly isn't that much bigger...I just saw it! Glad we could be with you this weekend. Wish we lived closer. Thanks for putting up with us so long. We love you! Can't wait to see that babe in a few weeks! (Brad- don't know what you said, but I thought your picture was nice)

  2. LOVE those blogs with lots of pictures!

  3. Oh, I had so much fun looking at pictures of your family! I miss you guys! Looks like you had a wonderful September! Britt looked really quick and she was VERY impressed with Micah's temple. So was I!

  4. My kids have all had lots of fun with various bishop jokes (especially derivative names which shall go unmentioned).


    PS. I find it hard to refer to my husband as "the bishop" when people call our house. So I don't. I just say "him" or "he" or "my husband." There's something odd about calling your husband the bishop. Or maybe I'm the odd one...

    PPS. Almost surely, actually.

  5. sometimes when I get up from a nap, I feel like doing that exact same thing.

  6. Great block building my Micah! I am impressed it got to stay standing so long in a house of boys.

  7. HA!! LOVE that Micah and his wonderful words of wisdom! No really, LOVE that kid! What a fun, breezy post about the crazy Denton house. Love it, love you guys.