Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pop Culture Update

Of the four shows I watch, only two run in the fall--Survivor and The Amazing Race.
"Last week on Survivor:"
Still wondering if this is the season that will lose me. I haven't figured out who I like or who to root for yet. But this I do know: That Russell Hantz is a devil. And he may ruin the entire season for me. Hopefully, Jai San will get something going tonight. In other, completely irrelevant and seemingly unimportant news, it seems that the earthquakes and tsunamis that have been burdening Samoa left Survivor unscathed.

And "on The Amazing Race:"
I was pleasantly surprised to pull up my DVR menu and see that the premiere was two hours long! I was unpleasantly surprised to see that the producers are trying to energize the show by throwing in a few twists. I can't decide which I disliked more: the elimination of the first team before they left Los Angeles or making the first leg a non-elimiation leg. Both seemed unfair, especially to the yoga teachers who didn't even get to leave the country. But I do like a few teams here. The Globetrotters seem like they will charm their way around the planet (and it was hilarious to see them towering over everyone in Tokyo). I also like Mika and Canaan, for now, but they may wear on me. I also loved that the backwoods farmers from Montana got to herd ducks and show their skillz. Miss America may get old, we'll see. And I don't think the poker players can leave fast enough. But, by far, this is the best reality series on TV--pure competition (still carefully manipulated by producers, but as competitive as they come) and generally good-natured. I'm looking forward to this season!

And you? What are your guilty TV-viewing pleasures?


  1. right now I am enjoying DWTS and Glee - Glee is a little too edgy but I love the little details, haven't quite decided if I will continue but the singing is to die for.

    Donny Osmond on DWTS - who can resist that?

  2. I haven't been watching Glee, but I'm all about So You Think You Can Dance and fairly excited about Dancing with the Stars.

    Haven't watched Survivor or The Great Race since the first couple of seasons.

  3. My guilty viewing pleasures are actually the same as yours. Those are the two shows that Devon and I love to watch together. I feel exactly the same way you do on both counts. We have been excited about watching Survivor this season and next because it is in Samoa, which is where my parents will be serving their mission. Should be fun to watch and envision my parents enjoying the beautiful landscape!

  4. Oh, I LOVE Glee! We also love Monk and Psych, which we usually watch together as a family. Amazing Race is the only show my husband and I watch together. Love the Globetrotters!