Monday, October 5, 2009

Fed to Overflowing

How can I identify my favorite message from General Conference this weekend?
The real question is: Why should I have to?

Favorite admission from the pulpit: Elder Bednar's family used to fight over the air they breathe. That came as a breath of fresh air to me. Tucker and I exchanged knowing glances over the heads of the squirming kids, and I knew I wasn't alone in my struggle for a semblance of order in our family room on Conference weekend.

Favorite topic addressed: I should go back through my notes to see how many speakers discussed personal revelation and the Holy Ghost. It started with Elder Scott on Saturday morning (so good, maybe my favorite overall), continued through President Packer calling prayer "your personal key to heaven," and ended Sunday afternoon with President Monson asking for our prayers to help all the General Authorities. I'm going to have to review all these messages.

Favorite story: Elder Nielsen's story, beginning with President Kimball's "Lengthen Your Stride" talk in 1974 and culminating with his son serving in a former communist town in Russia that Elder Nielsen had seen through the Iron Curtain while serving his own mission in Finland. Wow. What a story. Plus, Elder Nielsen is the homegrown General Authority from Twin Falls, ID!

Favorite LDS-only quip: How could you resist President Uchtdorf's references to all our quirky songs that are just part and parcel of who we are? And to link that to becoming first and foremost a disciple of Christ who loves God . . . that man is a master speaker.

Favorite testimony: I have heard Elder Holland speak many times--from BYU president to Apostle. And I have never heard such a powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon. I was so touched I had to leave the room for a minute to compose myself.

Favorite musical number: "O Divine Redeemer" is always one of my favorites. And it was beautiful (reminded me of Easter in our ward, Heather!).

Favorite Monson moment: President Monson must be so exhausted when Conference is over. But I truly enjoyed him sharing all his "Birthday gifts" with us. Kind of felt like they were mine, too, ya know?

Epiphany #97--A weekend in front of the TV surrounded by my fighting/listening family. What a blessing.

And you? What was your favorite moment from this weekend's Conference?


  1. Boy, that's a hard one. But probably Elder Holland's talk and O Divine Redeemer. Those two really got me, especially juxtaposed against each other as they were.


  2. Elder Nielsen's story - as I sat with Dallin, Kai and Logan knowing I was in the midst of the rising generation of missionaries - I cried. Elder Holland was amazing! I was babysitting all 5 of Kirsten's kids so Sat morn and Sun morning were a little spotty - thank Heaven for Tivo - going to review while I work on a projet.

  3. Elder Scott is always a favorite...but his was especially good this time, and I have to agree that Elder Holland's testimony was very powerful. Thanks for summing it all up for us.

  4. Hard question, it was so fabulous. I was taking notes from each talk for my Sharing Time this week and noticed how many people spoke about the heart, that really struck me. I loved Elder Bednar's talk about being more diligent & concerned at home. A side benefit of taking notes was that I often felt whispers of inspiration and I could immediately jot them down, about myself, my family, my calling, what ever. I don't think I've ever taken such diligent notes, and I don't think I've ever had so much "side" inspiration come.

  5. I loved all of the talks that I actually heard but I especially loved the music. O Divine Redeemer is one of my all time favorites and it was done beautifully. Also when the choir sang Love is Spoken Here Anna ( my 5 yr. old) came running in asking if the angels were singing? What a wonderful weekend and I can hardly wait for the Ensign to come so I can enjoy the talks on my own time and maybe a little quieter setting.

  6. Elder Hollands testimony. I just wanted the whole world to hear that!