Monday, October 5, 2009

Homecoming 2009

For the first time in my memory, Tucker's high school football team is kinda mediocre. Bummer for your senior year, if you care about those things, I guess.
Mostly, all Tucker cared about was the dance.
Tucker was worried when, around the time he was preparing to ask Hannah, she contracted a very serious infection in her foot. At one point, the doctors were afraid they were going to have to amputate. These two have the best group of friends ever, and the very next day, the whole group of kids went to school fasting. As you can see, she has experienced a complete recovery, and Tucker was thrilled when she could still go to the dance.
Cute, huh? It's surprising to me how much more I care about the modesty of the girl's dress when it's my son we're talking about.
Thanks, Hannah, for an appropriate and darling dress choice. And he picked out the shirt and tie himself. Notice the subtle polka dots on the tie? Guess I've taught him a few things. Just don't be getting any ideas about him growing up and leaving the nest!


  1. Wow! Great group of kids to take action for their friend. You don't hear enough of the wonderful unselfish things that teenagers do. Thanks for pointing that out!

  2. Those two make a very cute couple! And I'm glad (and not all that surprised) that the kids fasted together and had their prayers answered.

    A wonderful lesson for them, and a great story for all of us.


  3. Tucker Denton (Jedi Hatchling)October 6, 2009 at 3:21 PM

    i'm leaving this hole you call a nest very soon..... the first flight of the hatchling cometh...the cool thing about MY flight, is that i'll be flying out decked in jedi gear with at least 4 lightsabers concealed about my person.

  4. As a mother of a daughter in high school, I constantly worry about dress choices. Not just that of our girl, but of her friends too. (Company reflects directly on you as my mom always said.) I applaud his date's choice to choose BEAUTIFUL and MODEST. She looks radiant, and her dress choice directly reflects Tucker.

    Jedi-Tucker...What a blessing you are to be an inspirational influence to your friends. (And your friends to you too!) Continue to pray/fast for your friends, I promise you it is paving the way on how you will treat your spouse in years to come. And as an outsider looking in, you're heading down the right path. :)

  5. Beautiful girl, adorable dress, handsome Jedi, super cool tie. :)

    And, those kids are a great example with their fasting on behalf of a friend.