Friday, October 30, 2009


Why is life always such an adventure?

Why is it that, when your baby looks like this:
you are so sleep-deprived and tired that you can't enjoy every single second?

Why is it that, when they start out looking like this:
they grow up to climb on air hockey tables, play with older brothers, jump off to avoid an oncoming projectile snake, and they end up looking like this:
Micah and I spent (thankfully) only 2 hours in the emergency room last night, getting x-rays and a splint for a spiral fracture of his tibia. I finally convinced him that it wasn't Tucker's fault, but that didn't seem to make the pain any less.

Why is it that the lure of candy and parties at school makes the thought of any pain in said broken leg disappear? He had to go to school for two reasons: 1. Teacher told them that it was important to be there every day and never be late. It's a rule, so he follows it. 2. Hello! It's Halloween! Need we say more? And my kind friend lent us her spare wheelchair, so what was keeping him home?

Why am I so tired?
One possibility could be that the picture of Micah was taken at 2:30 am.


  1. What a sweet picture of Eve! And poor Micah! How was the day at school? Hope he was able to somewhat enjoy his day, rotten timing! Poor guy!

  2. My heart goes out to Micah. It is amazing how a "party" can make everything better...if only for a few hours. I hope he has a speedy recovery.

    Eve...she is just precious!

  3. Between you and the Branch's there is never a dull moment

  4. Oh, that's so sad. When my Kindergartener broke her leg, she LOVED going to school with a wheelchair. I didn't love driving her back and forth with her wheelchair, but we made it through. And go take a nap.

  5. Oh...the life and times of a mother!

    First off, your little Eve is an absolute DREAM.

    Secondly, I hear ya about the suddenly pain-free injuries. What's really bad is when they've had knee surgery and are miraculously healed just in time for next week's football game. (The knee of my youngest still clicks due to one such "miraculous" healing..)


  6. Poor Mikes! Heidi told me and I couldn't believe it! I hope it heals quickly. I just love the pictures of Baby Eve, but I'm sorry you are so tired. I wish you many happy naps in the future!

  7. Oh my gosh!!! I'm so glad he's okay. Here's to a fast and full recovery!

    Eve is precious. Love those baby toes.

    You're in my thoughts and prayers. Hoping you can get some rest, sometime.

  8. I'm just glad that wheel chair was currently a "spare". Why is life always such an adventure? Because man are that they might have joy. Without the adventure life would be boring and we all know how joyless boring can be. Ask any kid during the summer. "Joy?" one might ask. Yes, it comes when we look back behind us and smile at all we made it through!