Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

We did end up finally making out the door on Halloween night.
Ben (D'Artagnan), Bishop (Muslim priest--he wondered if that may be inappropriate somehow), Lily (candy corn witch), Hyrum (Superman) and Micah (the powerful albeit broken Hulk)Tucker's costume was better understood in action--Clark KentAnd angel baby as herself. What was I, you might ask? I alternated between paparazzi, candy lady, and Guernsey cow.
Hope your holiday was fun.


  1. Guernsey cow, huh? I always felt more like a Holstein.


    PS. Eve is lovely as herself, by the way. And I LIKE the Muslim priest costume. I should have had Dave go as a rabbi.

  2. Sweetness all the way around. Your cow comment was hysterical, AND I can't believe even Brad found the time and energy to dress up. GOOD for him.

  3. You make me laugh! :)

    Love all the costumes...glad you had a good night. And, ohhhhhh, your sweet Eve is such an angel baby!!