Monday, November 16, 2009

Gratitude Week--Post #1

I'm too exhausted for a very thoughtful post. Refer back to last Monday's "weary mind" reference. Unluckily for us, Hyrum threw up all night Saturday night. I still think, two days and one night later, that it was too much junk at the park with cousins Saturday night, but that doesn't make things any easier.

And following in the wake of puke: Baby had her roughest night yet last night. Luckily, Brad relieved me at 4 am so I could sleep until the kids needed to be up at 6:15. Two nights in a row of no sleep is enough to throw anyone for a loop, isn't it?

Hopefully tomorrow I will be coherent enough for a real post on gratitude. Let me just begin with these two items I am thankful for:

After five different bouts with vomit in four hours, I was still uttering a small prayer of gratitude under my breath, "Heavenly Father, I am so thankful that I have a washer and dryer." And I meant it.

And, of course, for Baby Eve. I feel like I'm not enjoying her as much as I should most of the time because I'm so bone-tired, but I am so grateful for this blessing in my life and in our home. She is truly a doll.

In case you can't tell from these pictures, she LOVES the bath. More than my other kids, I think (but I don't remember all that well--I'm kinda old now).

Yes, those are ugly dishcloths on my baby. But they are clean. (Note to self: buy new dishcloths for photo ops.)

And when she's awake, she is WIDE awake. Her eyes get so big and she tries to process everything in her sight.
Could it be? Will her eyes stay blue? It couldn't be. You've seen the rest of us, right?

Post-script: So much for my "food poisoning" theory. The school just called. Lily is on her way home--she just threw up. Which straw is going to break my back? I hope this isn't the one.


  1. It is good you have a strong back and a helpful husband. Motherhood is never easy, it's just the thing we love to do the most. Good luck with everything you have on your plate. Hold out until your sister gets there to help you.


  2. Oh Eve is so adorable! I am jealous, except for the sleepless nights. Sorry you have the flu running through your kids. Don't get it yourself!

  3. Sorry things are so chaotic right now. But you do have a beautiful baby1!

  4. Eve is so beautiful! I love her eyes!!! I am sorry that you are going through so much. I know about sick kids and it stinks. We had all of us at once last week and it was not easy! Hang in there. :)

  5. Oh, Jen, I'm so sorry! You must be exhausted, and now another victim of the stomach flu. Not fun.

    Having said that, Eve looks like she's LOTS of fun. And I love her bathtub...Is that your sink? And if so, I am envious!


    PS. Hope life at your house is back to some kind of "normal" very soon.

  6. SO sorry about all the puking kiddies, that truly sucks. Nothing like a little bloggy picture to make you realize something is ratty looking. That happens to me all the time. I look at the pic all blown up on the post and think, holy cow, I need new this, or that looks really dirty. I personally love your ginormous sink and the fact that it truly is big enough to be a full size tub for little Eve.

  7. She is so precious!! I need to come and get another fix!

    I wish you sleep tonight!!

  8. She's cute even in old wet dishtowels! Good luck with the puking.

  9. Your little Evie-girl is quite adorable. (:

    I am sorry you have so much on your plate right now, ugh...

  10. Here's hoping there's no more puking-especially from those who aren't old enough to make it to the toilet-that's the worst! Sounds like you guys are having a rough go of it, that stinks, get better soon. Whatcha think of Amazing Race???

  11. Jenny
    Thank you for the pink gummy bears. They arrived today and I totally forgot about you sending something. I was confused as to who and why I was recieving this package. My family was dying to start eating them but I wouldnt let them until I knew why we got them. It took me a good 5 minutes to finally reconize your name on the packing slip. Once I told everyone who they came from they thought I was wierd for putting a guess of a baby's due date on a strangers blog. I explained that bloggers have a wierd habit of reading others blog and that it was just something fun I did.
    Anyways. thanks for the gummy bears and thanks in advance for all the upset bellies my kids will have tomorrow!! lol.