Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Gratitude Week--Post #2

I had planned on a lighthearted gratitude tribute to reality TV today.

But that will have to wait.

The flu has hit our family with a vengeance. Hyrum had it Sunday. Lily and Micah had it yesterday. I think Eve had it yesterday, too, but I can't confirm that. Ben and Brad threw up all night. Total vomit episodes since Saturday night--over THIRTY! It is a very violent but luckily short-lived bug. Tucker and I are the lone healthy people in our house.

And after one especially disgusting episode involving Ben and the carpet, I decided I needed to continue my love for cleaning products.
Nothing is better than this little guy when it comes to spills (or expectorations) on the carpet. Ah, how I love thee, little SpotBot. It does all the work for you. You just load up the soap and water, and then press go. And off it goes. At 1:27 am, there is nothing more valuable (except for maybe the washer!)

I am grateful the virus is fast. Brad was able to watch the kids today for a few hours while I caught a much-needed 2-hour nap. And I slept like it was night. When I got up I was once again ready to face a quarantined house. Still tired, just not immobile and crying. Which is good, in my book.

Today I am also grateful for my sick kids. Nothing brings home the importance of priesthood blessings like being sick. I'm so glad we have our dad to give us blessings when they're needed. Lily asked last night, "I wish there was never any sick. Why does there have to be sick?" This led to a great family home evening discussion about opposition in all things, and how good we feel when we are finally well again. She experienced that today when she was well enough to go to school this afternoon. And Micah was so miserable last night. When I asked him if I could do anything to help him, he moaned, "Mommy, I just need a love." And that was what he got. Snuggles on the couch, between dry heaves. And honestly, I enjoyed every minute (except rinsing the bowl).

Finally, I am so grateful to have a nursing baby. There is nothing more joyful to me than to look down at my sweet tiny babe (weighed in yesterday at 7 lb. 8 oz. fully clothed), eyes wide and milk running down her face. Oh how I love her.

Epiphany #103--It's not the trial that is valuable. It's the lessons we learn while fighting in the trenches.


  1. AMEN to that sister...i am having so much difficulty figuring out where i can get services for my little man and government health anything SUCKS!!

  2. Great post today, Jen. With a family as large as yours I am sure any sickness that is going around will hit someone. Nice to have the nastiness behind you. (Crossed fingers) AND...your baby is getting large! What a blessing she is for your family.

  3. Thank you for your posts, Jenny. I am grateful for them because you always teach me so much! I hope everyone feels better soon!

  4. Soooooo sorry for the sick bug in your house. The barfing, NOT COOL! Ben shared his little barf story with me, sorry, but I did get a chuckle, though I know it was NOT so funny at the time. Cool cleany gadget, though I don't have barfers here, it still looks fun. Hang in there friend, surely this will be ending very soon! Oh, and kudos to you for even finding a moment to post. I can't seem to accomplish that and I only have 2 non sick kids. Sheesh!