Thursday, November 19, 2009

Gratitude Week--Post #4

I didn't think it was ever going to happen. But it did. Yesterday.

The Energizer Bunny is coming back!
Finally. I've missed you so much, dear friend. After eight and a half months of pregnancy and three and a half weeks of recovery, I felt almost like myself yesterday. I was able to run errands (with two small children in tow), put all the Costco supplies away, clean out the freezer, straighten up a little, even get dressed in real clothes. (Okay, the clothes weren't my skinny clothes, and my jeans did have a ponytail holder looped from the button through the buttonhole, but still! Nothing on my body was from the maternity section!) And I took no nap, either!

Even though my sleeping has been erratic at best. Even though I fought the flu with both hands for a few days. I feel great! My energy level is beginning to return to normal levels. I was beginning to think that having a baby at 40 permanently depletes you and sends you into a pre-menopausal dirge.

And I'm so happy that I was wrong!

Today--A few more errands, maybe even a little light exercise.

Hello, world!

Jenny's back!



  1. Welcome back, friend!!!! So happy you are feeling better.

  2. You were great today! I think you look fine! The baby weight will come off and everything will be back to normal in a few months!1

    Love ya

  3. Hurray! Feeling good is a really good thing!!


    PS. Any tips for how I can reverse my post-menopausal dirge? New body, perhaps...? ;)

  4. Good news! I'm so glad and happy for you! (I got my book in the mail and have it packed and ready for my trip to Louisiana next week!)

  5. I am glad to hear you are feeling great! I think that you were still pretty amazing during pregnancy - you are always so busy!