Friday, November 20, 2009

Gratitude Week--Post #5

WARNING: Spoiler Alert!
If you have not watched Survivor, you may want to wait to read this post.

Reality TV--the only TV I watch. With so much down-time on my hands right now, reality TV has become a dependable friend. The Amazing Race and Survivor, Dancing with the Stars and American Idol and anything on HGTV .

The Amazing Race this week took a turn for the vicious--although I truly think it was unintentional on both sides. But I tell you right now that I wouldn't want to cross 6'9" Big Easy. He seems nice enough, but . . .
I really want the Globetrotters to take it all. But I wouldn't care if Megan and Cheyne won, either.

Dancing with the Stars is just a little mind candy. I fast-forward through most of it, cutting its unendurable two hours down to about 40 minutes. And Joanna was robbed, that's for sure. Donny should have left, and y'all know how I feel about Brother Osmond!

If you ignore its rocky start, this season of Survivor has turned into one of the best ever!
I was in the "Hate Russell" camp from the beginning. But boy, can he play the game! I would venture to say that he is the best player in the history of the game. Finding three hidden immunity idols in a row (two without any clues of any kind!) is unprecedented. I wish I had a tape of Tucker watching last week's episode when Russell played the second idol--screaming, jumping, pumping his arms. Best Tucker quote: "Some people get excited about the Super Bowl. I get excited about a well-played immunity idol." And I would have to agree. It was one of the best moments ever on the show. And when Russell found the third idol last night, well, that was one of the only things that could get T out of his flu funk (yes, I am now officially the last person standing at our house). The strategy employed last night was primo. A tie and then John defected from his alliance. What will the next move be? Will Russell reveal his hidden idol? I can't wait until next week!
What I love the most about Survivor is this: It is a show that our entire family, from oldest to youngest can sit together and watch and enjoy. Last night, Ben and Micah snuggled under a blanket on one couch, Lily commanded the brown throne, Hyrum and I cuddled in the other chair, Tucker's six-foot frame sprawled on the other couch, and Brad rocked Eve back and forth as we all enjoyed the drama together, alternating who was excited and who was annoyed. It's almost 100 percent family-friendly, and that right there is why I love it. It's the only show Brad even watches, so I'm glad we can all watch together. That's how TV used to be. Remember Disney's Sunday night?

A few other small random things I am grateful for today:

Last night, around 3 am, Hyrum sleepily made his way into our room. "Daddy. Daddy. Yicah needs a go baffroom." How sweet is that? Micah had woken up his legs, Hyrum willingly and kindly got Dad. The blessing of sharing a room.

And after bragging about my returned energy, I took a nap yesterday (today too, for that matter). But my nap yesterday was one of sheer happiness. One of the best things about having a newborn baby is having them sleep on your chest for long episodes. And I just happened to fall asleep, too. Woke up with a crick in my neck and tingly feet from resting on the ottoman for 45 minutes, but I had a wrinkle-faced baby on my chest to make it delicious.


  1. So True!!! Another fabulous episode-all thanks to that toad, Russell! I couldn't believe it when he found another one, then he managed to stay without using it. Can't wait for the next episode.

  2. How darling is Micah? I can just hear him saying that. You know, of course that I watch Survivor. I don't think I've missed one since the first episode and I think I can see what is coming. I mean, I think that next week's episode will be the "unseen film clips" episode that we all despise. So don't get your hopes up and be disappointed, or be happy if I am wrong.

    Happy Heidi-ing.


  3. I don't watch Amazing Race or Survivor, but I do relate to the joys of a baby on your chest. And the tug at your heartstrings when one of your kids does something kind for the other.

    I love that.


  4. Hope you remain the flu-less one!

  5. Not sure I would compare Survivor to Disney...but yes, we are loving this season too! Russell still plays the game well, but I don't like him as a winner...yet. Time will tell! It does make for great family conversations and even a few teaching moments along the way!

  6. I agree, there is nothing more wonderful than a sweet, teeny baby sleeping on your chest. Those naps are the best. Hope your true energy really comes back for good now.