Tuesday, November 24, 2009

gratitude week--Post #6

I really wanted to post pictures of the best thing I'm thankful for, but we're experiencing technical difficulties. Hopefully soon. But, my most precious gratitude gift:

My family is all back together.

We blessed Eve on Sunday, because Heidi is home this week for Thanksgiving.

More details and images coming soon!


  1. Isn't it the best getting the whole family together again? It's almost worth having them go away to school just so you can appreciate how wonderful it is to reunite.


    PS. Happy thanksgiving to all of the Dentons!

  2. The first thing Sage asked me after church on Sunday was if I had seen that Heidi was there. At least she has good taste in role models!

  3. No pictures?!?!? You're killing me. Just kidding... but I am so excited to hear what you've all been doing in Mesa! Have fun and Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. There is nothing better than being with your whole family. Enjoy!!