Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I Apologize for Our Technical Difficulties

"We are still experiencing some technical difficulties. Please stand by for a more complete post in the future."

For a few days these last few weeks we've had not internet at all. For a few days these last few weeks we've only had internet with no access to my picture files (still on this deserted island). And for a few days these last few weeks we've been experiencing the holidays.

I've missed you all terribly. I've left a few comments this morning, so check your comment boxes.
I have a few posts swirling in my head.

But they will have to wait. Also swirling in my head--gallons of sputum and fluid. And in my chest--possible bronchitis. I'm headed to the doctor in an hour, and I'm praying I have a bacteria, not a virus.

I hope your holidays were spectacular, and I'll post again soon, hopefully tomorrow!


  1. I've missed reading your thoughts, hope you are soon back in the land of techno living! Thanks for the comment, for some reason my blog wasn't registering updates, I wasn't too worried. It was more for me-cathartic I guess, than for anything else. I'm a mess, what can I say? This too shall pass, and it's all part of the journey,Yadayadayada...

  2. oh, and good luck at the doctor! Here's hoping for a bacterial infection-never thought I'd post that comment!

  3. It was great to hear from you today, but I'm worried about this bronchitis. Have you had the flu or just a cold?

    I will hope, for your sake, that it is bacterial so you can knock it out with antibiotics. Those viral ones seems to go on and on.


    PS. I always used to catch things when I was nursing. I think it ran down my immune system. So be sure to eat lots of vitamin C stuff!

  4. I LOVE your new blinkie-so fun!

  5. I figured out how to not be anonymous!!! So, what was the verdict on the illness??? Fun to run into you yesterday at the doctors!

  6. I missed, you! I'm glad your back. While I was in Louisiana, I kept checking my blog list and you hadn't posted anything and I was a little worried about you. Glad your back!

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