Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Day Four Plans

I almost forgot to take Amy to the airport. Luckily, at 12:15 Lily asked, "What time are you taking Aunt Amy?" Oh yeah. 12:45.

I am so tired today.

My baby is getting naughty at night. I haven't had a night's sleep in almost ten weeks, and it's beginning to wear me down. Last night I had the pull of young mom to teens and old mom to infant. My three big kids laughed and talked and joked in my room for an hour, and I just couldn't bear to end the fun. Baby had been asleep for almost an hour, but . . . you take those opportunities with your teenagers when they choose, not when you do. 2:10 and she was up to eat. I finally put her back to bed around 3:30, and she was crying again at 4:10. You'd think I never feed that kid! I eventually woke up Brad and he took care of her after 4:30 and I slept in until 8:15. Nothing makes you feel lazier than sleeping so late in the morning. And you miss so much of your productive time--right, all you morning people?

So, after a late start to the day (and a few hours spent visiting a dear friend), Heidi and I attacked the cyberworld, seeking all that is beautiful, lovely, and not copyrighted. Why is it that hours in front of a computer screen drain a body like running miles and miles? Those hours were productive, though.

We decided on a basic cake style. Plain, simple, elegant--just like Heidi. Still don't have a person to make said cake, but hopefully that will happen.

We determined that we DO NOT agree on flowers. But I've set aside my pigheaded ways, and we'll do them her way, just not the best way. :)

We agreed that tuxes for all the men involved would be the best option.

We found a photographer that we both love. Still waiting to hear if he will be fully available for the dates we need, so I'm not going to post a link to his site, but if he can do the wedding, her pictures will be absolutely stunning.

We (I) convinced Dad that aforementioned photog was worth every cent he demands (not a small feat!).

We scheduled a fitting for her dress--tomorrow morning, 10:30.

We (she) cut all the buttons off my dress, ready for that fitting.

We (I) welcomed a new reader to my blog. Yesterday's cyberstalker has now become official. Welcome Tami!

Maybe sleep (not a chance)
Maybe agree on flowers
Maybe decide on food
Maybe celebrate the end of 2009
Maybe post a few pictures

Thanks for all your suggestions and referrals. I've looked into or am planning to look into every one.


  1. Jenny you really can pick my brain. I know excellent cakes and peeps for food. Video flowers dj any of i I will have a few names in each catagory. The distraction may do me some good.

  2. Such a strange juxtaposition, having a new baby and a soon-to-be new bride.

    That definitely gives you plenty of disparate needs to meet!


    PS. Hope you get your photographer!

  3. Dying to know the difference between the "right way" to do the flowers and the bride's way to do the flowers is. You really should insert sample photos when you say things like that! Hope today is smooth for you, and much is accomplished, and you squeeze some celebrating in there too.