Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Day Three Plans

More success!

Found announcements!

And after a quite agonizing day shopping (interrupted with a fab lunch at the Cheesecake Factory), we ventured back out this evening.

Found shoes!

For the record, I loved these shoes earlier today. At the first Dillard's we perused. But my Heidi. Sometimes she takes some convincing.

Are you all aware that the new wedding style is to wear shoes that match your wedding colors? So no white satin ballet flats for this girl. Instead, red suede heels with a ruffle. They are gorgeous. And what convinced her? The fact that I was going to purchase these beautiful shoes and wear them to the wedding if she didn't. So now she has them, not me. Sigh.

All that's left to outfit the bride? A necklace of some kind and her veil. Grandma T called today and offered to make her veil for her. That is great!

Plan for Day Three:
Investigate photographers and videographers online
Contrast and compare flowers and wedding setup online
Drive Aunt Amy to the airport (not really a wedding plan, but I can't forget that!)
Pay a little attention to my other 5 kids (yes, 5. Eve has accompanied us on the shopping escapades, and she's had it, I'm afraid!)


  1. I wanna see!!! As far as wedding photographers go, Maria Nissen is fantastic -- she has a gorgeous style thats really simple, but stunning at the same time. Just a thought :)

  2. Wow, you've done well. And this is really getting exciting, in a vicarious sort of way.


  3. When is this wedding? It seems like you have to do everything all at once.

  4. sweet!!!! troy brinkerhoff is pretty good. pretty spendy too, but he is good and maybe you will be lucky enough to get Mark Mabre. He is obviously AWESOME. and he did mine and my brothers.... anyway, those are the only big ones i know :)

    I also have a friend who is a FABULOUS caterer. She is GREAT!!! Really. Her name is Alisa. Call me for her number if you are interested. You should at least meet with her :) and get a quote.

    and Jackie Davis is a great setup and clean up person. we used them for my sister. SHee is AWESOME as well. :) 4 weddings this year for us. hmmm i am thinking of a new profession.

  5. This is all so fun, since it's not happening to MY daughter. I think then, I would be a puddle of tears, at least initially.

    I grabbed a business card for Jennifer hall & Co at a reception I went to once. She decorated and did the food and was amazingly versatile. Mini burgers: yum! French frys in parchment cones: yummy and cute! I don't know her, but I have her card.

  6. It's fun to hear about your mad rush through all this, of course I'm not the one rushing! The shoes sound fabulous, can't wait to see them. I think it's really to cute how the brides shoes match their colors, and I love the photos where the shoes peek out in a splash of color. Can't wait to hear how today's mission fared!