Monday, December 28, 2009

Success, and Plans for Day Two

Guess what is in this white bag?
Can't guess?
I would love to publish a full body shot of the gorgeous bride, but a little birdie told me that two of my "silent readers" (cyberstalkers :) ) are Sam the man and his mother dear. Lest I ruin the surprise of it all, I just captured a few details of "the perfect dress."
Dress made of taffeta with tulip sleeves

White satin bow at the waist

Wide pleating on the bodice

Deep pleats at the waist on the sides and in the back with a flat front, and not a single bead, sequin or crystal anywhere.

This shot reveals as much detail as I dare. Isn't Ben darling? That's his "kissy face." Run girls, run.And for a trip down memory lane, here's a shot of Heidi wearing my dress, lovingly stitched by Grandma T. It's a little worse for the non-wear. Twenty years in a cardboard box, and how do you think you'd look? Heidi had planned on using some of Grandma Tucker's handbeaded lace somewhere on the dress, but it just won't work. So instead, we're going to cut off all the buttons and sew them down the back.
That takes care of the "something old."

On the agenda for tomorrow:

All seems to be going well. I'll keep you posted!


  1. I am so impressed! Success! It is beautiful. Good luck tomorrow!

  2. Oh, and GO TUCKER! Impressive and something to be quite proud of:)

  3. You. Are. Making. Me. Cry!!! I bet she looks beautiful -- way to go on finding it in only two (?) shopping trips!

  4. Looks GREAT...What I can see of it, anyway. Apparently you were almost as fortunate in finding a perfect dress quickly as Karin and I were.

    And it's fun, isn't it?


  5. Oh the 90's, what a delightful time for wedding dresses with their voluminous sleeves et al. Her wearing your dress proves just how TINY she is, since you are pretty petite too. Love, love, LOVE Heidis dress, it looks beautiful and perfect. So proud of you to find success on day one, woo hoo! Good luck with invites and all else needed to be done!

  6. Wow, that's quite the dress. you really wore all those sleeves?

  7. Beautiful! Looks like you found an amazing dress, and in record time! The photo of her in your dress is priceless, your sleeves were definitely bigger than mine! Hope today went as successfully, fingers crossed.

    PS--now you need to tell us what Jen West is cheering Tucker for...

  8. Using the buttons from your dress is a great idea. Are they the same color? I thought Heidi had broad shoulders like you did, but I guess not. I am surprised that your dress seems so big on Heidi because you were very small. Exciting times!!

  9. However did you find a dress as tiny as Heidi? It looks gorgeous.

  10. I was so quiet and hoped no one would notice, but yes I am the cyberstalker and the dress is absolutely beautiful. I was getting a blow by blow account of each days progress from Sam but it was fun to look at your blog today and really "see" the progress.