Monday, December 28, 2009

Day One of Five

I really could go off today about the Homeland Security issues with the latest terrorist. (For those of you outside of AZ you're just getting acquainted with Janet Napolitano. We here in her home state are already quite familiar with her, unfortunately.) I don't have the time.

Today, you see, is Day One of Five--wedding dress day. Wish us luck!

Any great tips out there from experienced MOB?


  1. I could join that conversation about the terrorist. But wedding dresses are much more fun and probably more satisfying as to end result.

    We found Karin's dress at the very first shop. She just fell in love with it. Boy, did I get off lucky!


    One tip is this: Have her actually wear the shoes she's going to have on that day when they hem the dress. Don't just let them guess at it by adding an inch or two.

  2. Obviously I've never been an experienced MOB but my word of advice is patience. Easier said than done. My mom and I went to about five different shops and were getting quite discouraged but as soon as I put on the right dress we both knew it. You'll know it when you see it so just be patient and wait for it. What fun for you to be wedding dress shopping. Can't believe it!

    And I'm with Sue on the shoe thing. That was good advice.

  3. I'm tired just thinking about all you have to do this week! Of course, I have no tips on being the MOB, but I hope you will share some pictures of the adventure. :) Or, you could just give this job to Brad, and stay home and pick out flowers over the internet!

  4. I see you as a very organized lady and this idea was the best for the recent one. Go to Target and get a large plastic accordian file and a coupon size. Coupon size for all receipts and little things and large for contracts, calendar of the month and anything else. The sooner purchased the better. Other than that bring the tissue.