Thursday, December 10, 2009

Late Gratitude Post

When Heidi was home for Thanksgiving, she bonded with her baby sister. And one event we will never forget.

I was upstairs getting ready for the day and Heidi was downstairs on the couch, fighting the flu, and listening for the baby in the swing. Eve started to cry, so Heidi brought her upstairs to me. I was ready to come down, but my hands were full, so she carried the baby.

I came down the stairs first, and when I reached the bottom I heard a small shriek, then I heard a bump. Heidi had slipped on the first stair and she proceeded to fall all the way down our wooden staircase. Slid down, is more accurate. She hit her head, shoulder, back and hip on every stair, not caring what happened to her, but completely concerned for her sister. I turned, horrified, unable to do anything to stop her from falling, and Brad came running up from the basement. When they hit bottom, Heidi handed me the baby, and asked repeatedly, "Is she okay? Mom, is she okay?" Eve was fine, just whimpering a bit, but we could tell that Heidi was definitely not okay. She silently went into the family room, where she laid back down on the couch, quietly crying. She let me look at her back, and I could tell that she was hurt. More scared for her sister than for herself, she had let her body bounce repeatedly, protecting that tiny body.

There are no coincidences in life. I believe that. Was it coincidental that she was holding Eve in the crook of her left arm--the arm she rarely uses to hold a baby? No. If she had been holding her in her right arm, Eve's head would have hit every single stair, and Heidi would have been unable to protect her. As it was, her left arm held Eve above the impact, cradled and safe.

Heidi was battered all week, still slightly bruised and sore. Eve--little Eve--untouched.

And we could laugh at it later, even that day--"Heidi almost killed her sister."

But I know there was so much more involved--guardian angels and a loving big sister.


  1. Heidi is going to make one terrific mom; a strong protector! What an amazing story of God's protection over baby Eve.

  2. Wow. This is completely in sync with Heidi's character, and this is why she is the best friend I will ever have. I'd elaborate, but I know that might embarrass her (because she is also very humble). You are right. Miraculous things surround us.

  3. Thank you for sharing this story. I love your Heidi. Also, that was an awesome picture on Sunday right before Eve's blessing.

  4. Thank goodness for those guardian angels.

  5. I seriously do not know what's wrong with me these days. This totally made my cry, Jen. It is so touching I can't stand it.

    I LOVE sisters. And I think I'm going to blog about it...and link to your post.



  6. No shock that Heidi protected Eve. She has always been one of the most considerate people that I know. I am glad that everyone, although bruised, was okay!

  7. Sue sent me over here and I'm so glad I came. What a sweet story. Your daughter has a mother's heart.

  8. I am Sue's mom and I have to say that I cried too. Honestly, it was such a wonderful thing that your Heidi did. I am happy the baby wasn't hurt, and I do hope that by now Heidi is feeling fine again.

  9. What a great story! I am sitting here crying because I can totally see Heidi doing this. She is so sweet!

  10. What a beautiful place - I love to read about every day miracles, this was certainly one of those. Must be those guardian angels hanging about :)

    Stopped by on Sue's recommendation - so glad I did!