Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Picture Update

I feel like you are all so behind on the events at the Sanatorium. Quick photo update:

First, a shout-out to my sister Karen. All she asked for for her birthday (which is today) was to come to AZ for a few days' visit. Things were a little hectic, but I had such a great time sharing my new baby with her and spending time playing. See why she's always been the pretty one?

I wish I had a picture of Heidi the first minute she met her baby sister. It was sweet. And she was so helpful the whole week she was home. She kept the baby and helped her dad in the mornings while I caught a few more minutes' sleep.
The stamps on the couch? Oh. Heidi had saved one of the two books from a rampaging scissor-toting toddler.

We blessed Eve on November 22nd. It was a hard decision, because none of the grandparents could come. But Heidi was home, so that's when we had to do it. It's one of those bizarre developments I'm wrestling with--changing focus from extended family to my own extending immediate family.
I wish it were possible to post a picture of Eve's heirloom blessing dress that would do it justice. Grandma Tucker really outdid herself this time. I heard comments like, "What high-end boutique did you find that dress at?" And my favorite, "That's the most beautiful blessing dress I've ever seen!" And from a MAN, no less.
Rows and rows of tucks. Rows and rows of lace. And rows and rows of cutouts. I put it away in the closet a few days ago, and I wished there was someone who could use it again, before it gets passed down to Eve's children. Thanks, Mom. You have such an amazing talent, and I wish I could express better how much I appreciate and love love love that dress and bonnet. (Did you notice the bonnet? Many bonnets are big and ugly on the baby. Thanks to Grandma T's custom fitting, it was just right for her.)

This shot came out nicely of all seven of my babies. We were all rushing around, minus Bishop, getting ready for Church. That's hard on a normal day, but on Blessing day. Exhausting. When we were all out in the garage, ready to leave, I surprised them all by shouting, "Ok, everyone in the front yard for a quick picture. We'll never get it after Church."Every time I look at this, I'm shocked at 1-how good the photo composition is for someone who is notoriously not careful about that, 2-how they're all smiling and happy, 3-how gorgeous that dress is, 4-how beautiful my children are and how much I love them.

Thanksgiving. Kind of a crazy day. Not without misunderstandings, cooking issues, and marathon Monopoly games. This is the only photo of the day. But we all remember doing this, right?
And he ate every single one!

Brad's first counselor is a good family friend who also happens to be our doctor (so handy on so many levels). Just after Micah broke his leg, Kerry's daughter Annika broke her arm on their monkey bars. Then, a few days later, his son Crandall broke his leg on Grandma's trampoline. When Micah needed a new cast, he told Dr. P (who also cast Annika and Crandall) that he wanted a green cast like them.I take comfort that these things come in three's, right? And I don't think the new bishopric is cursed in any way, do you?

I got a phone call last week from the high school. Surprising in itself, really. From the nurse. More surprising. "I have Tucker here in my office, and I just want you to know that he's okay." What's the first thing that goes through a mother's head hearing these words? He's definitely NOT okay, or you wouldn't be calling.
Turns out, a piece of equipment in the weight room came off and hit him just below the eye. Lucky he didn't lose his eye. Not so lucky that he would sport three stitches and the remnants of that black eye for Winter Formal last Saturday.
Isn't she darling? I loved her dress and wish I had a full shot of it. And for those of you living anywhere but here, Southern California or Hawaii, yes, that is my yard. Yes, it's still nice weather here, and yes, my guest house is currently available.

Epiphany #105--Life is always busy and crazy. But it's my life. And I wouldn't want it any other way.


  1. Thanks for all of the pictures and updates. You have such a wonderful family! The blessing dress is amazing!!!!!

  2. We woke up to 0 degree weather this morning. So I'm booking my plane ticket right now to take you up on your guest house! I wish!

  3. I loved this post, Jen.

    First of all, I loved seeing your sister. And you are BOTH the beautiful ones.

    Secondly, I loved the pic of Heidi with her baby sister. That one got to me.

    Third, little Eve looked like a dream in the blessing dress. And it is indeed lovely.

    Fourth, the family picture really hit me smack dab in my Christmas-is-coming heartstrings today, and yes, I actually teared up looking at it. (I know. I'm a sap.)

    And finally, I am still chuckling about the bishopric non-curse of the broken bone...and thanking both your and my lucky stars that the weight didn't land differently on your cute son. (And yes, his date is adorable. I love an All-American girl!)


  4. Thank you for the pictures, Jenny. I miss you all so much. Eve is beautiful, Heidi's hair is longer... and Tucker has the coolest bruise ever (glad he isn't blind, by the way). Have a great week! See you Saturday the 19th in the morning! Or maybe Friday night... we'll see when I get home. :)

  5. Wish all your friends could see that I have THREE beautiful daughters. (And a very handsome son, too.) Eve looks wonderful in her dress and all the pictures helped make my day. What a great family!

  6. I love the one of all your kids on Eve's blessing day, priceless! Sage says Tucker looks "cool" with his black eye, and of course she loves the one with Heidi holding Eve. Cute photos!!

  7. Yay for pictures! Your pic of all the kids on blessiing day did turn out smashingly! Maggie got so excited, yelling out..."DATS TUCKER!" The story of Heidi and Eve falling on the stairs had me a little teary. What a terrifying moment. But mostly I was thinking of Heidi, so sweet and caring only for others, not herself. Love that girl. Here's hoping that you''ll have some "relaxed" time once Christmas vacay is under way. Love you and love your family.

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